WoW Classic - Optimal Raid Compositions

A raid composition is mainly dictated by who is playing the game during the raid. You need to gather over 40 gamers together to do so. It’s no surprise that recruiting for this moment is very intensive and time consuming. As a side note, you should be continuously recruiting as it is part of the game. In the end, your optimal raid compositions should be a direct reflection of your guild.

Workable Compositions

A functioning raid composition can vary. Getting 40 of anything is a task for any type of player. Many WoW players do have a formula when it comes to their compositions. One of the most popular looks as follows:

  • Eight Warriors
  • Five Shamans
  • Three Hunters
  • Six Priests
  • Five Rogues
  • Four Locks
  • Three Druids
  • Six Mages

Many players agree that the above composition allows for flexibility, but it also contains everything that you need for every raid possible. Another optimal composition can look like this:

  • Nine Warriors
  • Five Rogues
  • Five Priests
  • Three Hunters
  • Two Druids
  • Seven Mages
  • Four Warlock
  • Five Paladin/Shaman

You can probably see that both compositions are similar in appearance, but even the slightest change in numbers can change so much. Many players find through their WoW Classic experience that there is a sweet spot that can only be discovered through numerous trial and errors.

Analysis Is Everything

During the trial and error process, a lot of gamers analyze what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Taking everything into consideration, a large scale analysis may be drawn up online to manage what combination gives them the best results in varying situations. Such in depth examination is highly coveted among gamers.

Basic Composition

While some do use studies and analysis to compose their optimal raid compositions, there are some gamers who use a simpler strategy. Many just prefer to keep the same amount of each class. So no matter if you are talking about a Warlock, Druid, or Hunter, their numbers stay at five. This takes any guessing games out of figuring out what composition to use.

While this is not fool-proof. Many claim that even numbers allow for a smoother raid. Each class has their own leader and they were the ones who determined who covered each role. If you play it right, you can go far with this strategy.

Finding the ultimate raid composition can be intensive, but it is only as hard as you make it. Once you find the method that works for you, stick with it.