PUBG - Why Should I Lean When Shooting in PUBG?

There are many techniques that users implement when playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. This can range from how they use their parachute, where they land, and how they shoot once the battle royale begins. Regarding the latter, there are certain methods that can help you stay alive longer and shoot your weapon with better accuracy. One of the most popular ways is the lean and shoot.

The PUBG Lean

Leaning while shooting in PUBG is a widely known tactic that makes your aim and accuracy significantly better. You stay out of harm’s way when you do this. For example, when you are rounding a corner, instead of standing directly in the hallway, lean your upper body. As you lean, you can peek around the corner and stay covered at the same time. You protect yourself from deadly fire and can back out if need be.

You can also run surveillance with the lean before you start shooting. As you look sideways, you maintain safety while checking for enemies. It is harder for them to spot you, but when you find them it is a sure way to get a kill. You can quickly get rid of any threats before you are in danger. This is far better than camping or any of the other ways players have tried to stay alive.

Obviously, there are certain situations where you can’t lean and shoot but do try to use this technique when you can. You also want to remain aware that this method doesn’t become to predictable for others to figure out. They can end up shooting you if careless. Try to lean in different areas each time.

A Lot of Benefits

Another benefit of the lean and shoot includes a reduction in your gun’s recoil. The spring back that you can sometimes feel when you fire a gun can leave you prone to enemy fire. It can also affect your shooting ability in follow up rounds.  Angling your body has proven to help in either situation.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to this special shooting technique. If you haven’t tried it yet on PUBG, what are you waiting for? With a battle royale style of play, you need every advantage you can get. By protecting yourself in this way, you can last a lot longer in the battle and even acquire a much sought after victory.