Rainbow Siege Six: What Is MMR?

Matchmaking rating, or MMR, is the system that Siege uses to match you with players of equal skill in ranked matches.


How Does it Work?


Your MMR is calculated as a direct result of wins and losses during ranked play. Kill/death ratio’s, score, and individual gameplay has no part in determining it.


Such a teamwork-based system makes it difficult for solo players to rank up. Most of the time competing by yourself is going to result in you being lost in the endless grind of the mid-tier, never reaching the heights of diamond and beyond. So, if you want to reach those high ranks, you’re going to need a team.


How Do I Rank Up?




It’s as simple as that.


Winning matches is the only way for you to increase your MMR, and as a result your rank.

You can also get MMR if a player that previously beat you before is identified as a cheater.

There are other factors that affect your MMR negatively besides losing.


Leaving early, having a cheater on your team, and being kicked will also cause you to lose some of your precious MMR.


What Ranks are There?


Siege is divided up into 7 divisions:


  • Copper

· Bronze

· Silver

· Gold

· Platinum

· Diamond

  • Masters


Each of these divisions are then broken down further into ranks. Copper, bronze, and silver each have ranks five through one. Gold and platinum run three through one. Diamond and masters exist as their own ranks.


How Much MMR Do I Need for Each Rank?


  • Zero to 1600 covers copper.

· 1600 to 2100 for bronze.

· 2100 to 2600 for silver.

· 2600 to 3200 for gold.

· 3200 to 4400 for platinum.

· 4400 to 5000 for diamond.

  • 5000 plus for masters.


The road from copper to gold is fairly simple. 500 MMR points separate each division, and with consistent gameplay you can climb the ranks fairly easy.


The problem for most players lies in platinum. A massive 1200 MMR points make up this division. Because of these players are left grinding for days on ending, locked in an endless cycle of wins and losses unable to make any real progress.


For the majority who struggle through platinum, diamond is the end of the road. Here the top tier of players play, testing their skill against one another.


However, a slight number of the elite will manage to reach masters. This rank houses the best of the best. Hence why it’s such a high threshold to reach.