What Is Lord Tachanka In Rainbow 6 Siege

In the Rainbow 6 Siege game, there might be no agent more cherished than the Lord Tachanka. Present in Siege since its launch, the Russian opera Spetsnaz has become something of a meme hero, known for its intimidating appearance, heavy head armor and wickedly positioned machine gun.


Unfortunately for Tashanka, this infamy on the Internet did not translate into a high selection rate. In a game such as Siege, where agility, movement, and adaptation are essential, standing rooted in one place to pull his trusty turret has left Tachanka at the bottom of the popular mass. While players certainly like the idea of Tachanka, no one wants to depend on him at the heart of the fight.


What Is Lord Tachanka?


Lord Tachanka is an amusing nickname referred to the popular defending operator character in the tactical military game Rainbow 6 Siege, which many devotees thought was poorly built and inefficient when released.


Tachanka has always been a fun operator to use in casual games or competition when you want to mess around with your friends, but you probably can't see him picked by a professional player.




On December 1st, 2015, Ubisoft released the video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege. The character of Tachanka is available in the game. Upon creation, several gamers indicated that Tachanka 's potential weapon skills would need to be enhanced and strengthened to make it a competitive character.


The Lord Is Officially Getting Reworked


Many players use different operators in Rainbow Six Siege. However, none are beloved like Tachanka, or Lord Tachanka, as fans like to call him.


One of the original operators, Tachanka, has become one of the most famous memes of Siege. At first, he was considered a joke. Indeed, this only made him a massive meme, and Tachanka is now widely referred to as "The Lord." This phase was ironic because, in reality, Tachanka was and still is the worst operator in the game, with minimal statistics in choice and success during competitions.


Ubisoft has finally revealed a forthcoming redesign to get the meme defender back into the spotlight. Tachanka is currently the least used operator in the game with a distinctly average gear and a useless device on Siege's destructible layouts.


As Tachanka holds his weapon in one place, it is too easy for attackers to know his location. Therefore, they can destroy him from below, or initiate a new sightline through a weak wall. While you can use some sneaky tactics in the game, Tachanka is nearly never selected by professional players.


The rework maintains Tachanka 's stylish and overall protective function but should make it much more effective. It seems that Ubisoft may help Tachanka by making its famous permanent machine gun its primary weapon. The DP-28 can now be fitted with accessories such as sights. The Tachanka redesign also included a rocket launcher, which can set fire to incendiary sessions.


Final Thoughts


Tachanka is the lowest rated operator in Rainbow 6 Siege and the most famous user. As a fighter, he is mostly ineffective. Yet, as a meme, he is valued.


Any player who uses Lord Tachanka in the game should expect a quick death. Tachanka uses a fixed deployable RP-46 Degtyaryov machine gun. Several players consider this weapon to be extremely suspicious and imbalanced. Also, using that gun would cause a player to die regularly from enemy gamers.