Fortnite Player Received a Lifetime Ban for Aim Hacking

Famous YouTuber Faze Jarvis has found himself banned for life from the popular online game Fortnite. This story quickly made headlines due to its shocking nature. It is not easy to get a lifetime ban, nor is it a common occurrence. Many of Jarvis’ fans were surprised and upset with the decision handed down by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Despite some outrage, Epic remains steadfast in their choice. 


What Happened? 


Interestingly, Jarvis made it very easy to get himself caught. In fact, he actually posted videos of himself cheating with instructions telling viewers how he did it. While it seems like a bold move on his part, it was actually a normal part of his usual videos. Jarvis regularly posted videos of himself playing Fortnite as a form of entertainment for his followers. When Jarvis made the video, he did so with the same intention, simple entertainment. 


In the video, Faze Jarvis can be seen taking on solo missions during which he never misses a single shot because he uses ‘aimbots’ to kill his enemies. The use of aimbots is a cheating software that is strictly banned in Fortnite. During the video, Jarvis openly admits to using the cheats in order to play such a spectacular game.


When Epic became aware of the video, they sentenced Jarvis to his lifetime ban. 


Was the Decision Fair?


This is a heavily debated sentencing, with many fans on each side of the discussion. Some people argue that the ban is unprecedented and exceedingly harsh. They state that it is unfair considering some other professional players were caught cheating in a tournament and were only punished with a temporary ban. To add another layer to the issue, Jarvis only used the cheats in non-competitive play, meaning his success did not directly affect other players.


The other side of the debate is much more black and white. Epic games expressly forbid the use of aimbots, scripts, or any type of cheating software. When a player uses cheats, it gives them an unfair advantage over the players abiding by them. This rule was clearly violated, and therefore a punishment was handed down.


In a video posted by Faze Jarvis, he discusses his experience with the situation. He is obviously emotional throughout the video while saying that Fortnite is the reason behind his successful career. He says that he understands the punishment as he so blatantly broke the rules. He also explains that posting the video was an error in judgment. He thought only of the entertainment value for his followers rather than of the rules he was violating. 


No matter your stance on the debate, the fact that Faze Jarvis took responsibility shows he respects the game he loves so much. 


Final Remarks 


A lifetime ban from the game of Fortnite is highly irregular. Though the incident has passed, it is still widely discussed amongst Fortnite fans. While the entire situation was highly irregular, players can take solace in knowing that Epic Games takes their brand very seriously.