What Are Rock League’s Most Difficult Tricks?

To enjoy any game, you should know the basic mechanics of that game such as defence, dribbling, speed, reaction time, shot-making, and many more. This is no different from the approach you should take when learning to play Rock League.


However, if you want to increase your wins and ranking, you need to access new mechanics that are more impressive. These mechanics are more complicated than the ordinary mechanics offered in the game, leading to more practice needed to master these skills.


Nonetheless, these mechanics are more than worth the work it takes to perform it effectively. These skills can aid in you climbing up the in-game ranks and are an impressive move to show off to your friends. Here are some of the most challenging tricks on Rock League.


Musty-Flick (Difficulty Level 8/10)


Musty-Flick is named after well-known Rocket League player and Youtuber "Musty" who discovered this particular version of the flick. Although it looks simple, this technique requires a lot of training and accuracy is required. When the ball is presented on your roof, you need to jump once and turn your nose down immediately. 


One of the best flicks to be created is achieved when the backflip is activated at the right moment. When this trick is completed, you usually gain one goal as well as a reaction directly from your opponents in the text chat. Your rank is increased, and you gain significant bragging rights.  


J-Walk (Difficulty 8/10)


Much like the dance move, the “J-Walk” can seem to look like you’re dancing a little. Make sure that after a diagonal flip, the car touches the ground on the side and the front wheels are ahead. Once this is complete, you need to use a tornado spinner and move towards the other front wheel, in the opposite direction. The car should swing side to side as there are only two wheels present on the ground. This trick is challenging, as the timing is tight.


Don't be discouraged if you can't seem to get it. The technique has hardly been used for the difficulty in the timing. However, it's worth a try. A J-Walk dribble shouldn't be expected or read by an opponent.


Ceiling Shuffle (Difficulty Level 11/10)


The best way to describe a ‘Ceiling Shuffle” is to think of something like a “J-Walk." But, think of it while your mind is turned to a 180-degree angle and you're placed on the ceiling. At first glance, this is kind of what the trick looks like. However, taking on the "Ceiling Shuffle" is mechanically different.


The car is left in a pretty unstable situation. This is due to the presence of only three wheels. This condition is obtainable by making use of the control stick. You need to move this stick in the correct rhythm while moving it back and forth. This ensures that the car stays stuck to the ceiling for a more extended period. This can be done without a boost effect. Due to the complicated mechanics behind the "Ceiling Shuffle," this trick is usually only attempted for laughs. 


As you continue to play Rock League, you can use these tricks or make up your own!