The Best Dota 2 Characters

For beginners, starting to play in Dota 2 can sound like a difficult task.Therefore, you should narrow down your hero options to make your game more convenient and more accessible.


In Dota 2, all main characters have a very particular role to play in the battle. Some of them can take many positions, sometimes even in the same game. Thus, it is crucial to learn the role of these functions and how they combine.


In this article, we go over the most critical details about the best heroes to commit to winning the league, even as a novice.


Discover the Best Hero to Start in Dota 2


One of the main problems coming from Dota 2 is the high number of heroes. This might be a blessing since there is a massive pool of 119 characters. However, it can also be a headache for those who don't know what to choose to get started. Read on the three best heroes.




Whether you like it or not, you can't deny that Meepo is one of Dota 2's best heroes.

No matter what medium you play in, some different heroes and objects can easily counter Meepo. However, to shine with him, you have to be good at it. Once you get the hero under control, achieving that constant support can happen in no time.


Wraith King


The second hero on this list is Wraith King. He is a practical, powerful, and eye-catching agent. WK is simple to use and master because he has only one target ability. Moreover, thanks to its ultimate, Wraith King is a great end-game powerhouse that can tear up enemy queues, especially when it has many items.




Underlord is one of the greatest battle heroes in the team. The crucial thing about him is that he can't support his squad on his own. Rather, he thrives the most every time there's a major team battle, particularly in the middle of the game. Before you pick it, ensure your group is ready to play appropriately.


Dota 2 : Top Tips to Learn


Before continuing and learn more about the heroes, you should consider the following Dota 2 tips:


First, you have to take a role and then pick a hero. Most importantly, it would be best if you acted following this position.


Don't seek to learn all the Dota 2 heroes. Instead, you can pick and choose your ideal ones and master them if you want to go professional.


Take the time to grasp the skills of your selected hero at a time. Play with the character long enough to feel the strength on your hands. There are many variations to discover in specific tournaments. There is no hurry. Take it as a learning experience.


Consider as many other heroes as you can to grasp their shortcomings as your future enemies. This is a significant step towards understanding the game.


Final Thoughts


Learning all the Dota 2 characters may seem too hard to manage. Therefore, following an efficient approach can be helpful. Note that even the most accomplished Dota 2 professionals began from the bottom up. If you have a clear understanding of the mentioned heroes, you just need to stick to the game's learning experience, and you're going to have a wonderful time. There is room for different preferences, and the views of players can change.