Overwatch: The Best Heroes to Use

Any game will never be effective without the characters or heroes, which makes it alive. These heroes are also responsible for representing every player and their urge to achieving victory in this game’s platform. In this regard, here is the list of the best heroes that you can choose from when playing Overwatch.

  • Hanzo

If you are the kind of person that loves to hang out and to look like a howling teenager, then Hanzo suits you well. This character acts as a sniper that is fast-paced, which provides lots of chances to kill enemies. Hanzo is also known for spamming the corridors to look for enemies that he is going to shoot.

  • D.Va

This badass female character is known as an icon. With her undeniable combat skills, abilities, and characteristics, she is a hero to die for. She is also known as a pro-gamer who turned out to be a mech pilot. She became a role model in South Korea, wherein she gave the women an inspiration to fight against their government’s corruption. Guess what, she did it while waving her bunny symbol. Aside from that, even in her simple jumpsuit, a lot of people choose her for their cosplay character. Her attitude and skills made her this popular that she is also far above other heroes in Overwatch.

  • Tracer

This is also one of the most acquired and used heroes in this game. Being an LGBT character, Tracer raises the flag of her community. She proudly represents the toughness and strength of their community through her excellent skills and strategies when playing the game. Also, Tracer was considered the heart and soul of this game.

  • Reinhardt

Justice and honor- these are two principles that this character lives. Reinhardt is known for his excellence in terms of combat skills, strategies, and abilities. He is also known as a loud character, which makes him look like a grumpy old grandpa. But despite that, he is known for being a man of excellence and principle.

  • Mei

Another hero that you can consider is the Chines scientist named Mei. She is regarded as the game’s source of indomitable spirit. She has the brains that make way for innovation of different weapons that she uses to defend herself and her allies. She also helps other characters when they are in need.

  • Hammond

Also called as the Wrecking Ball, this hero is a hamster that pilots a giant mech ball. He is a cute guy but fights like a giant that never surrenders until the enemies are all oppressed.

  • Mercy

She is not the oldest of all characters, yet she acts as the mother of all. She is known for working too hard to heal wounded heroes and other allies. She has the heart that sees goodness even in evil.

These are only some of the top characters and heroes that you can choose from once you already entered the portal of this game. Take note that winning does not always depend on the credits or strength of the characters but rather on how you manage it. Thus, it is essential that you make a connection first with your character and let both of you do the work together. Besides, once these characters are teamed, victory is never far from reach.