What Grenades Are There in CSGO - Flashbangs

Counter-Strike Global Offense is one of the most prestigious and storied Esports out there. It reigns king of the FPS genre, and even with Valorant around the corner, it's unlikely to be dethroned anytime soon. 


There are countless reasons for the game's success: The high skill curve and ceiling, the accessibility to new players, the low cost and now free to play aspect. All of these come together to create a game that is easy for new players to get into, and with enough depth to keep them hooked for years to come. 


One of the biggest hurdles for CS players starting to play competitively is learning how to properly use grenades. With a coordinated team, grenades are going to be a ridiculously large factor in determining whether you win, or lose, so you need to learn what grenades you have and how to use them. 




The flashbang is a staple grenade of the FPS genre, and for a good reason. The utility you get with flashes is unrivaled, no matter the title. It can be used to fake out opponents, get a cheek rush started, clear out an area, halt an aggressive push, and more. 


On top of that, all of the above can be done to effect by a single player with a single flashbang. When you have a team all using flashbangs, then you have a winning strategy. 


When it comes to CSGO, both CT and T get flashbangs that are the same. There are three ways to throw flashbangs, left mouse, right mouse, and both. Each of them offers a different range and arc on your grenades, so learn the difference. 


There are a few techniques to be aware of with flashbangs. You can do a pop-flash. This is when you throw a flashbang to detonate without it hitting any surface. The result is that the enemy doesn't have a chance to react. This technique is great when you're by yourself and need to push out a site. You can also have your teammate pop-flash for you. 


Every map on CSGO has its own grenade spots, including flashbangs. These are positions to throw grenades from to target specific attackers or defensive positions. You can download a map from the workshop with all of them on it. So do that and get practicing. 


When hit by a flashbang, your vision becomes white, and you're not able to see or hear anything. This is what makes them so powerful. If you hit one square on, you can push into a site with no fear of being shot from enemies. However, the effects of a flash can be stopped by turning your head away from it. This is why pop-flashes are so effective because it doesn't give the enemy that opportunity. 


Flashbangs are the easiest of the grenades to use, and the most effective, so if you're going to dedicate time to learn any of them, let it be these. Whereas smokes and incendiaries have niche uses and specific areas you want to deploy them, the versatility of the flashbang is infinite.