Who Can I Duo in League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer game that relies heavily on teamwork and collaboration. It is for this reason it is essential to understand how ranks in the game work. 


Before we break down the different ranks in LoL and the do's and do not's, it is essential to understand a few key concepts and terminologies. In LoL, there are solo queues and ranked flex. As a player, if you are in ranked flex, you gain better maps, better tower pushes, and you can acquire unique points and rewards. 


If you are in solo queues, there are limitations within the rankings. For those starting off in LoL and are in the lower tiers, you can play within one tier range. In circumstances where your ranking falls within Diamond and Master, you can play two tiers above or below your tier. 


To help with pairing in LoL, these are a few of the restrictions:


  • Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers – They can pair up with any player or team in one of the four tiers. 
  • Platinum tier – Players raked in the platinum tier can only match with gold, platinum, and diamond players. 
  • Diamond tier – Players raked in diamond tier can match with anyone two tiers above or below their own ranking.
  • Grandmaster tier – Players in this elite group can only play with diamond, master, challenger, and fellow grandmaster players.
  • Challenger tier – This is another elite group of players who can play with Master, grandmaster, and fellow challenger players.


LoL is a game where players rely on their teammates, which is why when in a duo, not only is selecting correctly necessary but knowing how-to is just as important. 


Here are tips to keep in mind when finding that perfect LoL duo partner. 


  • Pick someone or a team that is either at-level or is above your own ranking. 
  • To rage or not to rage, that is the question! When finding a teammate, it helps to know if they get overly emotional and sensitive when a match doesn’t go their way. Gauging if they rage or not would help you determine your compatibility. 
  • Support or primary? If you have never played LoL, or prefer to be supported, find teammates that are okay being in a primary role. 
  • They can handle feedback and suggestions. Sometimes games won’t go as planned, or maybe the next time you play, some things could be done differently – you want to have someone who can respond to feedback and handle criticism. 


Finding the perfect duo in LoL may not happen right away, be patient and enjoy your climb through the tiers.