How to Rotate Efficiently in Dota 2

The battlefield in Dota 2 has different lanes. The hero must leave at the starting lane and should proceed to another to explore the map. This action is referred to as a rotation. While he is trying to travel everywhere on the map, he needs to take caution and use proper timing so he won’t be trapped or killed by enemies and you will be able to help your allies. Rotation can work successfully if you have the right strategies to teleport to another lane.

First, understand the TP rotation. Keep in mind that Teleport rotation will cost you more gold and can also contribute to your hero’s cooldown but in return, you can reach the other lane faster. This aspect is often used and helpful when the opponents get closer to the tower and are trying to gank. It is essential for controlling early aggression it is why players should always be prepared to utilize the TP rotation most of the time.

When it’s time for you to use the TP rotation, you only need to focus on the map and position your hands on the scroll. Once you see the enemies positioned under the tower, ensure that your allies are in a safe place and you’re ready to help when necessary. Dota 2 requires proper communication between members of the team so that anyone can ask for support anytime they need it.

Both the rune and shrine rotation are also useful when you need to catch the player enemy off guard. Your opponents will notice that your area is empty whenever you leave your lane. That will trigger them to call their teammates, too. The common mistake of many players is to leave the lane even when their health or mana is getting low. That action tells your enemies that you won’t rotate, instead, you’d prefer to go back to the base which is a big no-no! Take advantage of the Shrine or Bottle to refill your hero then, face your enemies by going to the other side.

This strategy is suitable for offlaners because it will trick the enemies and let them expect that you will return on the base. Proper timing also plays an essential role in the rotation. Time your action as you rotate around rune spawns. Try the bounty runes for around five-minute interval or the river runes in a minute. It will help you make ganks, allowing you to beat your enemy team.