Understanding Your Statistics in Overwatch

Overwatch provides players the statistics to let them know their current performance in the game. In this game, the stats are measured by percentile. It helps you visualize your current standing by comparing your scores with other players. Let's say you got 99th percentile. That means that you are better than most of the players since you got the highest stat.

Overwatch also use vertical bar charts in addition to the percentile. They are similar to bell curves but were designed to let the players easily understand the distributions of the running statistics. You can base use it as a basis to know your standing and make some adjustments when necessary. It may be a bit tricky for first-time gamers, but you will learn to understand it as you get used to the values being shown.

You will notice that there were outliers at each end of the chart, while the middle part has a big bump. The shape of the chart also varies on the stats of other players. That means that some of them may focus on the other stats while some of them have different strategies. It is why you will also notice that the bar chart is sometimes weighed heavily at both edges.

Remember that you are free to switch heroes during the mid-game. It is worth noting that you are allowed to register multiple heroes in the statistics no matter you are just going to play a single game. It is suitable when you want to participate in gameplays that require extensive amount of time. Take note that switching a hero during a short period may not be recorded as win-loss of the hero. Despite that, it will still be added to the total game time.

Sometimes, players wonder why their stats didn’t update when they played a hero. This situation applied to the previously mentioned rule. That is possible to happen when you only start playing when the games played increases. If you prefer a QuickPlay on the other hand, you are required to win games on a hero so that the statistics will be updated.

Understanding your stats helps you set goals for yourself. It will allow you to find out if which of those things need your focus and which one is your strength. That also enables you to see the strategies of other players which you can use for your benefit.