Everything you need to know on APEX LEGEND

Everything you need to know on APEX LEGEND

Who is Lifeline?

Lifeline is one of the characters in Apex Legend. She has her tactical ability to heal the Drone. She just simply calls Drone of Compassion to automatically give healing the teammates nearby.

What is the Passive Ability of Lifeline?

Passive Ability of Lifeline is to medicare, which is damaged in a combat. It has at least 25% faster of healing as she protects and out shield wall to her teammates.

What is Lifeline’s Ultimate Power?

The ultimate power of Lifeline is to give high heal carry. She can easily drop the pod for more high quality as her defensive protector or gear.

Lifeline Playstyle

The main role of Lifeline is a supporting character in Apex Legend. As she gives protection to her teammates and other co-characters, and she can easily make faster revives for a high-quality bonus to have the gear of your squad.

You’ll notice that in the Apex Legend, healing is one of the most important aspects for you to survive the level. You have the needed extra care packages whereas your teammates often not care for it. Lifeline is the one who is focusing and intending character to take for it. In every battle, you need to have shield and protection, and she can give it to you as you choose her.

Who is Mirage?

Mirage will be downloaded after gaining points for at least 700 Apex Legend Points in the game based on the given levels you are going to play.

He described and considered Holographic Tricker which your teammates had most need to it. It has a variety of powers where the enemies may have been disconnected as they fought Mirage. Mirage can easily trick the enemies.

What is the Tactical Ability of Mirage?

The tactical ability of Mirage is Psyche out. The enemy will be sent a Holographic to confuse about the place.

What is the passive ability of Mirage?

The passive ability is it can automatically decoy the enemies after knocking down.

Mirage Ultimate’s Power

Mirage can easily trick and confuse the enemies by empowering the vanishing act.

What is the playstyle of Mirage?

Mirage is one of the most chosen characters in Apex Legend as she is portraying her ability to decoy or confused the enemies. When the enemies are near in the glory search, she can simply confuse the tracking in just a second. She has chosen as one of the top characters in the Apex Legend.