Winning Ways in DOTA 2

There are millions of people that are playing DOTA 2, there are winners, and there are losers. Of course, you want to be on the winning side. But you have to understand that you are not going to win every time. If you are playing the ranked game, then you should aim for the best and win every game, especially if you are playing solo, in the rank mode.

If you are a player that’s too shy to play with other players and prefers to play and win alone, then, here are some ways you can use to win games and increase your rank while even playing solo.

Choose One Hero to Master

It will be a great advantage for you to increase your win rate if you are using the hero that you have already mastered. When you are adept in using that particular hero, you already know its strengths and weaknesses. Not only that you will also know what kind of items to buy to make that hero stronger.

Do your best in mastering the hero. Use it in playing other games in DOTA 2. Master the skills that it is equipped with and discover combos that can be very useful in crucial situations. Also, discover and use items that are suitable for the specific hero that you are using. These items can be an aid in making your hero strong in terms of damage or defense.

Watch Videos of Pro Players

This is also one winning way in DOTA 2, learn from the best. Learn from the pros by watching their techniques and their gameplay. Surely you will learn a thing or two by watching them. You can even adapt their gameplay and utilize it to your own, but you can modify the gameplay, and more so your win is a hundred percent.

Pro players of DOTA 2 are people that have spent their lives playing this game mastering its gameplay and the heroes. They have come up with strategies and discovered techniques that they use to win games. Let this be your inspiration and your motivation you never know you may also be a pro player one day.

Give Time to Learn Other Heroes Too

There would come a time where your main hero will be chosen first, so you are left with the choice of choosing another. Therefore, you also have to lend some time in learning other heroes that can be your substitute once your main has been chosen already.

This can be a great advantage to you because this can increase your flexibility as a player of DOTA. Mastering multiple heroes surely are fun because you get to choose different heroes in a different game. Thus, it can help you win battles.

Add Reliable People

If you are teamed with players that are also strong, don’t be afraid to add them. A reliable ally can help you win battles, especially in rank. You can also gain friends while winning games. Reliable teammates are considered assets in winning battles.

These are some of the winning ways that you can use to increase your winning rate in DOTA 2. Follow them, and you will be on the winning path in no time.