Destiny - the Best Builds in Destiny 2

The best Titan build in Destiny 2 is just around the corner. With the game, why not test out an array of features and create specific loadouts depending on the activity? This kind of theory crafting can be fun, but it can also be a considerable investment on the part of the player. Let’s look at some of the best builds of Destiny 2 - Season of the Undying.


We recommend a third-party application to use as the in-app vault is not the best. One recommended app used by other players is the Destiny Item Manager.


The True One-Two Punch


Ask any Titan player, and they can attest that this class specializes in punching. This build requires precision, which in turn, can help you hit with power and major damage. This build is also used to teach players about excelling at Barrier and Unstoppable Champions in Nightfall’s.




Did you know that most weapons don’t have the Auto-Loader Holster capacity? This feature was removed on most weapons and characters; however, it can still be found on a few characters. For the Hunters, they have the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps. Want to spice things up? Why not customize your armor to your personal style? Based on the coding of the Hunter, some armors can lead to ticks. This can in turn impact the melee’s function when attempting to hit. For example, when you throw a knife that has fire, this counts as a melee.


Super City


Super City isn’t as hyped as it is made out to be; however, when there aren’t any issues encountered, it is a great build. The Burning Edge in Super City offers the perk of allowing you to dodge better than most. In addition to dodging, it also helps you recharge faster than your opponent. A recommendation in Super City is to use Paragon mods on your armor. Doing this can result in speeding your cooldown.


Once you’ve activated your Blade Barrage, it’s recommended you do a move against your opponent that, ideally is not going to affect them too much or at least to the point they lose their life. Doing this can help recharge and dodge. Execute this properly and you should be recharged immediately. Not only are you going to be able to recharge, but doing this allows for you to dodge. Doing this move constantly can allow you to get your ultimate back in no time.


These aren’t always easy to do, and sometimes you need to be within a certain proximity of your enemy to execute and to dodge. Miss a dodge? Better luck next time, as you won’t benefit form powerups or recovering once the opportunity passes. 


Regardless of the builds and outcomes, why not simply enjoy each round and level? There is no harm but more importantly there are plenty of ever-changing builds, you just never know what build you may find yourself in.