Overwatch - Who Is Overwatch’s Most Hated Hero

Overwatch - Who Is Overwatch’s Most Hated Hero

As a player of Overwatch, there is no doubt you have your favorite characters and least favorite heroes too. While you may have your own running list, there is one hero who takes the cake for the game’s most hated. That title goes to Genji. This unpopular character has long been a least favorite for many undeniable reasons. Below is a deep dive into the assassin’s weaknesses.

Genji’s Backstory

Genji’s the brother to another Overwatch character, Hanzo. He is part of the Shimada ninja clan and is also the youngest son in the family. Genji and Hanzo grew up wealthy and never lacked in anything. In turn, Genji grew to have a sense of entitlement and arrogance which angered his brother. Hanzo was told to kill Genji but didn’t succeed. Hanzo’s body was healed by the team doctor, Mercy, and was made a hero in Overwatch.

A Weak Fighter

With a complex background like that, Genji is bound to not be like most other heroes. In the game, many players profess he is not the best fighter especially when it comes to targeting tanks. At best, he is a distracter and leaves the heavy fighting to other members of the team.

Genji doesn’t have good fighting range either. Many claim that this weakness renders him useless to fight off enemies.  He uses an upgraded katana to take them down, but the damage is minimal especially compared to his teammates. Genji is supposed to be an assassin, but his clunky movements make it hard to use him for anything advantageous.

Master Deflector

If you play against him, Genji still shows his weaknesses. His ability to deflect frustrates the most experienced gamer as it can tilt the character who is on the offensive. Some say this is a bug of the game and should be fixed. Some gamers who play opposite Genji have seen the character deflect one of their shots and kill numerous heroes on the other side. This annoying feature is one of the main reasons he is kept on the most hated list.

Genji had the potential to be a great hero. Unfortunately, something went wrong from the drawing board to the actual game. His weak fighting skills and unfair advantages makes him a character who is just not worth playing with or against. Hopefully, his persona can be tweaked in the future to make him an asset to have on the Overwatch team.