Hearthstone: What is Tempo?

Hearthstone: What is Tempo?


If you are new to the popular game, Hearthstone, you might be unfamiliar with some of the terms or interested in learning more about them to improve your game. One such term that you might have heard as you play Hearthstone is “tempo.” What is tempo? Keep reading to find out.


Basically, tempo is the unofficial term that is used to describe how a match is going, or the momentum of the match. Players also use the term tempo as a label for a deck that has the goal of keeping tempo on its side. It is a huge advantage over your opponent when you have it.


To explain it more, tempo is also part of the control that a player has over the game in the short-term, especially when minions are played. In the long run, however, you want to have more options and resources than your opponent, so tempo doesn’t matter much. Eventually, when given enough time, naturally, you would have a tempo advantage. Why? Because you have to have cards that can respond to any obstacle that you enemy might throw at you.


Most people find that tempo in Hearthstone is pretty easy to understand, it is much more difficult to explain in words. You are better to learn about it by doing a practice run to see how tempo really works.


If we must describe tempo in words, there are some suggestions that have been used by players of Hearthstone to show new players what it is in a simple way.


For instance, you might describe tempo as the change of the state of the board in a certain amount of time, such as a play or turn. You can describe that as a “good tempo play” or “good tempo turn.” This is a simple definition, but it doesn’t describe every way that tempo is used in the game.


Another definition of tempo is actually the momentum of the match. Many people use this as the “official” definition, but it can also be confusing due to interpretation and misunderstandings.


You can also describe tempo as the value of the effect on the state of your board divided by the amount of mana that was used. This is quite mathematical, which many players like, and you can actually see a tempo “score.”


Finally, you can also define tempo as the speed at which a certain player can reach their win condition. This is a bit of an alternative interpretation of a common definition.