Best Apex Legends Characters You Should Be Using Now

So... you’ve quite been new in the world of Apex Legends gaming world and need the best pick for your character? We might come in handy! Find out if these popular characters in Apex Legends will ideally fit into your game!

1.    Bloodhound

Known as a technological tracker, Bloodbound is one of the most Apex Legends’ aggressive characters. It is excellent at closing distances fast as well as hunting and finishing off injured enemies. Its Eye of the Allfather tactical ability allows you to spot hidden clues, enemies, and traps throughout structures.

2.    Wraith

Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith is specifically ideal for novice players who prefer ambush setups. Its passive ability gives you essential battlefield knowledge. The ultimate strength is perfect for setting up traps or ambushes, and the tactical ability enables you to set up amuses and escape.

3.    Lifeline

With a unique tactical ability D.O.C. Heal Drone, and Lifeline is popularly known as the best healer in Apex Legends. It keeps your team surviving the entire match. It can also resuscitate allies, support expert, recover consistency, and carry weapons. Lifeline is best suited to team players who want to avoid front lines, giving the group necessary support from the back.

4.    Bangalore

Bangalore is your professional soldier, most likely the well-versed legend character in the game. Her launcher ability includes flanking enemies, dodging enemies, reviving allies, and retreating. Can be an ideal option if you or someone in your group plays as Bloodhound.

5.    Pathfinder

Players looking to learn and master the map can depend on Pathfinder to achieve a winning match. Its passive ability allows players to scan survey beacons to determine the next ring location, while the tactical ability enables him to draw enemies nearby or move rapidly.

6.    Mirage

The abilities of Mirage include building diversity tactics, making enemies confused, using decoys to draw the fire of your enemy, flanking the enemy, and improving survivability. Mirage also suits well to solo players.

7.    Octane

While features a lovable personality, Octane should be one of those legends you must be using in Apex Legends. Mostly celebrated for aggressive gameplay. Ideal for repositioning an entire team, plus allows amp movement speed and offers health regeneration and speed boost during constant jumping in and out of the battle.

8.    Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities are all useful for a team, whether to support protected charges on your enemy or to feed off the defensive abilities. He is a master of defensive play with a clear focused role and excellent tanking capacities.

9.    Caustic

Caustic and his canisters are especially fatal in minor or close quarters. His capabilities allow gamers to set up various traps for an ambush. Besides, it has a nice AoE poison and damage effect that affects enemies’ visions. You can throw in the Nox Gas Grenade from a long distance and even covers a massive area.

10.    Wattson

Team players who want to delay enemies to focus on firing them might realize the valuable benefits of using Wattson as an Apex Legends character. It damages and slower enemies with a fence, control fights with abilities, as well as refutes ordnance and boosts shields with ultimate.