League of Legends: Summoners Rift

Are you tired of all those online shooting games that you’ve been playing? Do you want to experience a new thrill in your life? Do you want to awaken the inner gamer inside you again? There is one game that may bring into that thrill feeling again.

Are you a hype gamer that’s been looking for thrill and enjoyment in a game? Then look no further; one of the most excellent online game is here. League of Legends: Summoners Rift. A game filled with heroes and endless battles and a lot more to look forward, too.

This is a competitive game where you can face your friends and battle to the end using your favorite champions. Dozens of champions to choose from and use that will surely awaken your inner competitiveness. An online multiplayer battle where you can face people from different places. Be sure to bring your A-game to win and get special rewards.

Let’s ignite your excitement more! The goal is to dominate the enemies’ base and destroy their nexus using the different champions with their unique skills. Develop your champions by buying different items to make them stronger than other champions thus increasing your chances of winning.

Let’s talk about the champions. There are about a hundred champions that you can choose from. Buy them and own them to enjoy their unique skills. Melee or long-range? Take your pick, master them, and dominate every game with your champion.

The champions are divided into different types:

•    Fighter – These are the champions that deal with great damages and has moderate survivability. Fighters are usually meleed and battle it out with enemy champions.

•    Marksman – These are ranged champions that deal with physical damages. Although they have low defense, they can be utilized to destroy turrets and other structures.

•    Mage- Champions that carries magic damage s in their sleeves. Each champion equipped with their magic skills that can either hit a single champions or multiple champions at the same time.

•    Tank – Persistent champions that are hard to kill and will absorb all the damages for the team. Equipped with crowd control skills that can aid the team to victory.

•    Assassin – Champions with great mobility and can kill enemy champion within seconds. These champions are marksmen and mage killers with their deadly skills.

•    Support – Champions that are equipped with skills can heal ally champions to support them in battles. They can also buff allies and debuff the enemy that can be great in winning a battle.

There are several maps that you can use in League of legends. The most popular map of all is the Summoners rift. Two teams that are composed of five players battle it out in three lanes and dominate each other. But the battle won’t be easy, in those three lanes are defensive structures that are built for destructions called the turrets.

But the turret is not the only enemy that you have to worry about, an endless wave of minions is also there to make your victory a well-earned one. Minions contribute to your in-game money and experience, thus increasing the level of your champions.

If you want to gain more experience to increase the level of your champions, monsters are lurking in the jungle. Kill them to earn money and experience at the same time. But if you want to gain more than experience, then go for the strongest monster in the jungle, the Baron Nashor.

The overall aim of the game is to destroy the nexus of the opposing team. Before you do that, you have to think strategically, kill minions, destroy turrets, and kill enemy champions, thus ensuring your victory in summoners rift.

What are you waiting on? Do you want to experience a unique feeling through gaming? Play League of Legends: Summoners Rift!