Accumulating XP in Fortnite Efficiently

Gaining experience or XP in a game is necessary. This is important because this can be a factor in leveling up your account. By increasing the level of your account, this will pave the way into rewards that you can receive in different kind of games.

Same concepts with the Fortnite are that you need to gain experience to level up and receive fantastic rewards in the process. But you don’t collect experience. You need to accumulate them efficiently, so your leveling up experience is worthwhile.

The question is, how you can do that? How can you accumulate experience efficiently? I have some tips for you to accumulate those experience efficiently to level up fast.

Daily Challenges

There are daily challenges that you have to complete in Fortnite. Do you want to maximize the sources of experience? Remember to complete these daily changes and gain some more experiences. Experience is not the only thing that you will be getting upon completion of these tasks, and you may even receive rewards.

Squads and Duos in a must!

If you want to get some XP, then you must play the game together with your squad or with a partner. It will be more beneficial if your squad consists of your friends and even in duo. If your teammate has the battle pass, then it’s a lucky day for you.

The battle pass can boost your experience accumulation if your squad member has this tool in up their sleeve. This means that you can level up on a quicker phase if you play squad or duo with friends that have the battle pass, thus receiving rewards quicker.

XP Weekends

Fortnite has added this awesome way of accumulating large quantities of XP points, and that is by doubling the. This is where the concept of the double XP weekend happens. But not every time that you will be getting this double XP weekends.

This usually happens at the end of the season, so you must watch out for this miracle. If you can use this double XP weekends, then you will be accumulating doubled experience points every after a game. There’s still a chance for you to level up faster with this double XP weekends, so better watch out!

Battle Pass Benefits

If your friends have one, then you should opt-in buying one too. The battle pass can bring you several benefits, such as accumulating huge amounts of XP. How? If you buy the battle pass, then you can avail to not just one Fortnite battle challenges but seven, yes you heard me right! Every week you have seven battle challenges to complete, and if you get at least four, you can accumulate over 5,000 experience points.

Comparing to players that have no battle pass, they can only play 3 battle challenges per week. Aside from that, it can only accumulate low XP points.

Therefore, if you want to gain experience points efficiently, then you have to maximize the available resources in fortnite because these resources can help you increase your level and get more rewards.