Apex Legends Is Coming to Mobile!

Basically, Apex Legends is already on mobile but only in certain regions. Right now, it’s impossible to get the game to work if you aren’t in those locales, so your best bet is to continue waiting.


In 2021, regional testing took place in Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America. A tweet during that time suggested that the game was in its final stages, and pre-registration for the soft launch was available in certain countries.


The Soft Launch Regions


Apex Legends is coming to mobile everywhere, but right now, it’s only available in these locations:


  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina


If you’re in one of these areas, you should be able to play on Android and iOS smartphones now. It just moved out of beta mode, so there should be no bugs. The worldwide release should come sometime in the 2022 year.


Can You Play on a VPN or Emulator?


It could be possible to use various accounts and VPNs while playing Apex Legends Mobile outside of those countries listed earlier. However, using an APK isn’t enough. It can’t install easily on an emulator, and if you install it on your phone, you see an error claiming that it doesn’t work because it wasn’t downloaded through the phone’s Play Store.


You can’t do that because you aren’t in a supported region. While you might get around that by spoofing the location with a VPN, it’s not recommended. Though it’s not illegal, it could cause gameplay errors that can’t be fixed.


The Beta Version


Technically, Apex Legends Mobile closed the beta version in 2021 because of the soft launch in the countries listed earlier. It was limited to Android, so iOS support is planned but doesn’t come with the soft launch. iPhone users have to wait longer, but it should be worth it.


Characters Available on Apex Legends Mobile


Here are the characters set to be on the mobile version:


  • Caustic
  • Pathfinder
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Bangalore
  • Wraith
  • Lifeline
  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound


Once the game opens (hopefully soon), the mobile character roster should include every character found in the original release. Post-launch characters are also expected, but it’s unknown whether they might follow the original cycle.


Cross-play Concerns


Many people hoped that they could cross-play with other platforms from their mobile devices. However, this isn’t available. Apex Legends Mobile is considered a different game than Apex Legends on PC or consoles. Still, it’s faithful to the original game.


Mobile gameplay doesn’t compare to PC and console gameplay, so it isn’t fair to pit those players in a battle with each other.


Respawn Entertainment already said it wasn’t implementing cross-play for that reason. However, things have a way of changing.


How It Plays


Some users have already gotten to play and took video footage of the event. Therefore, you can see tidbits on YouTube to help you learn about the game before you play.


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