PUBG Is Now Free to Play!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was a huge success when it came out in 2017. There weren’t many battle royale games out by that moment, and not a single game on the market was similar to what PUBG offered us. However, things changed for this game some years later. 


PUBG has always been a full-price game, but its developers now decided to make it free-to-play for PC, Xbox, PS, and Mobile players looking forward to trying the game. This isn’t the first time this happens since the game had a free-to-play week before, but now, it’s going to stay this way forever. 


While game developers offered compensation for old players, many are still confused about why this happened. The truth is that being a F2P game gives PUBG many opportunities it didn’t have before. 


Now, people who wanted to try this game since 2017 can enjoy it without paying a single dollar for it, and that has shown in how many new players the game has had since it became F2P. Dive into this page to understand why this happened!


Why Did PUBG Become F2P? 


According to what game developers say, they made this decision to help the community grow and evolve how the game works. However, the majority of gamers have a different opinion. When PUBG got to us, it was the only battle royale game out there. 


Nonetheless, games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and APEX Legends changed that. Those games were all free to play, so players preferred to play them instead of paying for a $30 game. Additionally, they optimized the battle royale genre and gave us new ways to enjoy it. 


Despite all the games we mentioned gaining a lot of popularity over years, Fortnite was the biggest of them, and it shadowed the success PUBG had in the first place. After it, COD Warzone and APEX caused people to start forgetting about what PUBG was. 


That doesn’t mean no one played it, but it lost a lot of players in the USA, Europe, and Latin America. Fortunately for the game, it still had a lot of players from Asia. People speculate that developers made F2P for it to compete with other F2P games. 


Everything paid off since PUBG downloads beat almost all records when it became F2P, so everyone is looking forward to seeing what the game has to offer in the future. PUBG developers had put an effort into making the game fresher and more appealing for new players and players of other battle royale releases. 


Game Rewards for People Who Bought the Game 


As we mentioned before, PUBG developers tried to make it up for old players. They did that by giving them 1,300 G-Coins, XP Boosts, and private servers for ranked and normal games. 


Old players also enjoy Battlegrounds plus, which allows them to get into optimal matches for plus users. 




Whether you like that PUBG became F2P or not, it’s undeniable that this is an excellent opportunity for its developers to expand its features and community. 


After a long time, this game can get into the battle royale competition with others, and that may encourage them all to improve what they offer today. 



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