Will G2 Conquer the LEC Again?

During the LEC Spring Split 2022, Team Vitality crushed G2 Esports in their matchup. After a difficult start to the season, Vitality started looking more dominant than the fan-favorite that is G2 Esports. 


That is not a good start of the season for G2 Esports, and rightfully so. Last year the team smashed the tournament and became the champions for the year, and that leaves many people to believe that G2 can pull it together and conquer LEC again. 


This piece discusses the possibilities of G2 winning the LEC again and highlighting some of their strengths to win League of Legends matches. 


The Strengths of G2 Esports


The team's recent match against Vitality showed its strength of denying access to the Infernal Dragon Soul as the opposing force. G2 took control of the Pit and staged the scene for a face-off that kept fans on their toes. 


Furthermore, G2 Esports can come together at the most challenging moments, which shows that they are a force to be reckoned with. Even though Vitality won the above match, G2 Esports put up an exponential fight that wowed the audience. 


New Year and New Roster for G2 Esports


Amid the League of Legends season, G2 is coming with new support staff, a new roster, and even a new theme song. After 2021 the team has renewed their enthusiasm for 2022, especially with all the challenges they faced during the 2021 season. 


The significant roster changes will hopefully bring some power to the team. It plans to shake up the League of Legends European Championship by beating a new squad known as BDS joining the line-up. 


Alongside new players joining the team, a new coach has also been hired to replace Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann. Dylan Falco is the latest person to guide the team, and he has over seven years of experience in coaching teams in League of Legends and other games.


The team also appears to be branching out a little into the music industry by releasing their first single called "Our Way." This song is the new anthem for the team and shows their dedication to each other and the game. 


G2 is going into 2022 with a desire to reach the top and a completely refreshed attitude. The challenges of 2021 have helped and steeled the group's finesse approach, showing that they are ready to become the reigning champions of the LEC once again.


Having played against all but one of the other teams previously, G2 should have no problem countering any challenges and assessing play styles. G2 will quickly have to learn what makes this new team tick when faced with Team BDS's debut. 


Whatever happens, you are guaranteed to be in for an exciting ride that you do not want to miss. The season kicked off on 14th January, and the subsequent G2 match is on 18th February 2022.




It's time to get your bets in and root for the team that has won the LEC multiple years in a row. G2 Esports is a force to reckon with, and we think they have a good shot at winning the LEC again this year.

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