Why the Krieg Meta is Ruining CSGO

CSGO has been around for longer than some of its players. It has a storied history as part of the very fundamentals of Esports and is possibly the only 100% true grassroots Esports out there. 


With this level of linage and prestige comes certain expectations. One of those expectations is the meta and gameplay that players and fans have come to know and love. 


This is, of course, in reference to the AK, M4, AWP meta that has been around since the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. It has had its ups and downs, sure, like that time the revolver came out. No doubt, we all remember that, but generally, the meta has held strong. 


Until now. The Krieg, more commonly known as the SG, has blown the gates wide open in the competitive world, and not for the better. 


The SG is a weapon exclusive to the terrorists, and costs a whopping $3500 dollars, meaning that it is the most expensive weapon T side has at its disposal. This price is well deserved, even more so, as the SG has taken over the terrorist meta, replacing the AK as the main go-to of attack. 


The issue with the SG is that it has the highest first shot accuracy of any assault rifle in the game when it’s not scoped—yes, not scoped. As long-time players of the game know, the SG has a zoomable scope that you can use to tap your way to victory from a distance, making wining gunfights over an M4 or AK at a distance trivial. 


Oh, and on top of that, it is a three-shot kill to the body. However, the opus magnum of this meta breaking weapon comes in the fact that it is a one-shot kill to the head through armor. 


So, let’s add all of this up. It’s a three-shot body kill, one-shot headshot, has a scope, and has the highest first bullet accuracy in the game. Looking at all of that, why in the world would anybody choose to use an AK over it?


You might be thinking about the price. Sure, it’s expensive, but if you get the bomb down, your team can afford at least two SGs round two. So the price doesn’t really mean all that much. 


The overpowered nature of the weapon has caused an uproar from a lot of streamers and competitive CS players. Summit1G, in particular, has been very vocal on Twitch criticizing the weapon, and Valve’s lack of response. 


Several tournaments have gone down know, and the weapon remains the same, leaving many people annoyed and wondering what is up; however, we have an idea. 


Fairly recently, Valve made CSGO free to play; this resulted in an unprecedented influx of players from other titles. With that came new players who are only used to playing first-person shooters. Is it too outlandish to think that the SG meta has come about because Valve wants to cater to this new batch of players, and get them to stick around? We don’t think so.