Best League of Legends Coaches

Though Riot Games found itself on the cusp of a brilliant idea with League of Legends, it could not have predicted the level of success that the title has amassed. Not many developers or publishers can say that games that they released in 2009 have a massive player base today.


League of Legends holds that distinction, and it remains one of the most prominent players in the eSports industry. The MOBA game is team-based, and one of the essential pieces to a successful team’s puzzle is its coach.


There are many coaches on various online platforms that can help players to get over plateaus, bad habits, role changes, becoming familiar with new champions, etc. However, only a handful of names that come up when people discuss the most excellent League of Legends coaches of all time.




The 34-year-old head Korean head coach of Vici Gaming has numerous accomplishments under his belt. Many people worldwide believe that he is the greatest coach of all time. kkOma, whose real name is Kim Jeong-gyun, is best known for his fantastic tenure as an assistant, then the head coach of SK Telecom T1 (SKT T1) from 2012 - 2019.


During his time with the now-disbanded team, he helped to lead them to numerous successes, such as the 2013 World Championship, LCK Spring 2015 title, the 2015 World championship, and the LCK Summer 2015 title. While he spent most of his time as an assistant coach, he was named as head coach in 2017.


kkOma has the distinction of becoming the first coach in history to win multiple World Championships with a team. There is no denying the accolades of someone who stands at the center of two MSI championships, three World Championships, a Rift Rivals championship, and eight LCK championships.




Choi Woo-beam, affectionately known as Edgar, Is the former coach of Gen.G. The 36-year-old and the team cut ties in May 2020, after Edgar decided he wanted a break from the competitive League of Legends environment.


Before leading the charge after the rebranding to Gen.G, Edgar started his career back in 2013, when the team had the name Samsung Blue. During his tenure, He led the team to victories in the 2016 and 2018 editions of the Korea Regional Finals. Additionally, his team managed to bring home the Summoner’s Cup for its effort at the 2017 World Championship.


While the team does not have the most exceptional track record for winning events, such as LCK, it always has a strong showing and consistently places well.




NoFe, whose real name is Jeong No-chul, is the current head coach of the Hanwha Life. Note that this team obtained the ROX Tigers’ LCK slot and roster. NoFe was also the head coach of the ROX Tigers through all its iterations and name changes.


Many LoL fans around the world cite NoFe as an underrated coach. He is well known for his time with the Tigers, and people believe that he did very well with a substandard roster.


NoFe is considered a great coach for being able to have a strong showing with players, such as Mouse and Clearlove, who are not considered as high-caliber competitors.