Tips in Looting and Landing: Apex Legends

The looting and landing system of the apex Legends is likely similar to the games of Battle Royale, but it makes a difference in its tone.

Players do not need to lead any drop.

The third person is always given a Jumpmaster who can pick the Legend. If the player is given a task, yet does not want any responsibility, the player can remove the position. Hit its prompted button while there is a countdown next to the selection screen of the character.

While when the player chose the third and allows the Apex Legend to auto pick the Legend, the second person will get the role of Jumpmaster.

Supply Ship

While landing on the canyon of the King, players will notice the supply ship icon on its map. This shows the final destination so the players can correctly drop on their path and then land on the supply ship’s top. These kinds of ships are certified high loot tiers in preparation for the hot fight. There are no fall damages in the Apex Legends so players can feel free in getting high weapon tier and can immediately jump the ship.

Moreover, players must keep in their minds that other opponents can also land on their supply ship. When things are too heated, players must choose to jump the ship.

Learn the Item Colors

Players must learn all the item colors of ammo and rarity. This way it can help them to move faster through buildings. Once they have picked up their weapons and they will pick the corresponding ammo. Players mostly prioritize getting higher attachments of rarity.

This is a color guide that can help players:

Item Colors:

Common = Grey

Rare = Blue

Epic = Purple

Legendary = Gold/Yellow

Ammo Colors:

Shotgun Shells = Burgundy/Red

Light Rounds = Light Brown/Orange

Energy Ammo = Lime Green

Heavy Rounds = Teal/Blue


The player must Watch Out for Some Supply Bins

Randomly, there are hidden supply bins within the canyon of the King. It is a must for players to watch out so they can find these supply bins. This is described as a large and white cylinder that is similar to a bin. These bins contain items like attachments, armor, ammunition, and weapons. These items can help players in playing the game. However, players must remember that other players are looking for these bins, too. So, if the players have found one of these supply bins, then they must watch out for other nearby players or teams.

Players need to move faster to holster their weapons.

Players must excellently practice keeping their weapon drawn as they do not know when they will need it. When players try to escape in swift escape or shrinking circle from the battle, players must know that it needs a little speed in holstering their weapons that can save their lives.

In holstering the weapon, they must hold the Y on the Xbox One, press 3 on the PC, or hold the Triangle on the PS4.