Tier 2 Hero Class in Hearthstone: How to Play the Rogue Class?

Rogues are the Warcraft world’s assassins. They have the fighting style that centers on dealing with an instant blow with two dual-wielded daggers during a constant in or out combat. Rogues have the stealth abilities that they can hide their presence to circle within their foes. They use it so they can wait for the best opportunity to strike their opponent behind.

Unfortunately, Rogues do not fairly play. They will do everything to win, so throwing sand, and cheap shots are on the question. Even Rogues do not instantly kill their opponent. They like to leave a bleeding and deep wound that will finish their opponent. Rogues do not just have combat skills, but they are also considered as poison’s masters. They tend to make deadly mixtures that they use to coat their weapons. Generally, the poisons will wound the opponent, but it can also hinder spellcasting and can make them cripple. The Rogue class in the Hearthstone is Vallera Sanguinar. Most players can unblock the alternative and cosmetic Majev Shadowsong, a rough Hero.



Goblin Auto-Barber

It is an excellent early Minion that has a standard of 3/2 on every 2 mana. It helps to early boost the weapons needed by Rogues in protecting their board when the game begins.

SI: 7 Agent

This can remove the Minion, but it can also leave the Minion on the board side in playing the next one. When there is a coin, it can help this card to play in the next turn and using a Combo effect.



It is one of the staples on any deck of the Rogue. It is cheap yet included in the best kind. In the early game, it allows removal, and it is a useful method to set up any Combo. The playing cards with a spell buff strength can even be more deadly. Eviscerate will the various damages that can help to finish the opponent and remove the Minions.


It is more prevalent that used to remove any troublesome in the late game; however, it is not like the Polymorph of the Mage or the Hex of Shaman, as it does not eliminate the Deathrattles. It is an expensive card too. Sabotage is an exciting alternative when the player needs to face like a Weapon-wielding class.

The Best Decks of Rogue

Odd Rogue

Quest Rogue

Deathrattle Rogue

Deck List of Odd Rogue

1x Deadly Poison

3x SI: 7 Agent

5 Myra’s Unstable Element

5x Vilespine Slayer

1x Crystallizer

1x Dire Mole

1x Fire Fly

1x Glacial Shard

1x Southeast Deckhand

3x hench-Clan Thug

3x Tar Creeper

3x Vicious Fledgling

3x Void Ripper

5x Cobalt Scalebane

5x Fungalmancer

7x Blazecaller

9x Baku the Mooneater

Deck List for Quest Rogue

2x Preparation

2x Shadowstep

1x The Caverns Below

1x Lab Recruiter

2x Fan of Knives

1x Sonya Shadowdancer

2x Elven Minstrel

2x Vanish

1x Valeera the Hollow

Deck List for Deathrattle Rogue

0x Backstab

0x Preparation

2x Cavern Shinyfinder

2x Eviscerate

2x Sap

3x Fan of Knives

3x Necrium Blade

4x Blightnozzle Crawler

4x Kobold Illusionist

5x Necrium Vial