The Story of the Battle Royale Genre

The battle royale game formula has become of the most popular game modes in recent times, with games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone being some of the most popular titles. The genre involves players being dropped onto an island with nothing and having to scavenge and battle other competitors to survive and potentially win the game.


The popularity of the game mode drastically increased in the space of just two years.  Player Unknown’s Battleground made the mode popular, selling over 50 million copies. Epic Games, however, revolutionized the genre with the introduction of their free-to-play title, Fortnite. Whether you are a fan of the game or not, you cannot deny its success. The game broke multiple records and became one of the most popular video games in the world.


Battle royale games have been evolved even further, and various other iterations of the game mode have been released. Respawn's Apex Legends is another game that has taken the successful formula and turned it into a game that is loved and enjoyed by millions. The game added its own spin onto the formula by adding different characters to it, all with their own unique abilities, appearances, and personalities. This really brought out the individuality of the game and lured a large player base to them.


Call of Duty: Warzone is the popular franchise's take on the battle royale formula. This brought the unique gameplay to one of the world's biggest first-person shooters. This game has had massive success and still has a very large player base today. Blending the excitement of the battle royale mode with the seamless gameplay of the Call of Duty franchise was a gold mine, and this game has become very popular for streamers and other fans of shooters.


What Makes the Game Mode so Popular?


Many people have asked what makes the battle royale game mode such a popular formula for gamers. The answer to that question is quite simple, innovation and creativity. These games push players to evolve their style of gameplay, with every game being different from the last. This adds an exciting new element to the games that seem to be lacking in other shooter titles. Players face unique challenges in every new game, and this excitement keeps drawing players back for more.


These games are also always updated, with new content being added to keep users entertained and satisfied. The seasons concept that is employed by these games means that there is constant content being added at regular intervals. This keeps the players working towards new things and playing new modes. Fortnite is a wonderful example of this. They have done collaborations with the likes of the Avengers and even held a Travis Scott concert in-game.


The Bottom Line


The innovation that has been shown by these games is unparalleled in the gaming industry and one that a lot of other games could learn from. These innovations continue to push the norm of video games, and we're definitely excited to see how much more is in store for the genre.