Best World of Warcraft Class for Beginners

Although a classic game, World of Warcraft is a game that is not just for veterans of the series but also for beginners. Finding the right class for you can often prove difficult as there are so many options available to you. The game is an MMORPG, and because of this, some classes have characters that are more skill-intensive. This can often lead to new fans of the series being overwhelmed and sometimes quitting the game before they even get into it. Finding the right class for you should be much easier after reading this! Let’s get started.


Picking the Right Class for You


Spending time leveling up a character that proves not to be right for you can be very frustrating when playing this game. The type of class that you choose should be dependent on your role, as well as on the way that you like to play the game.


Hunter Class


If you are completely new to World of Warcraft, then the Hunter is certainly the best choice for you. Hunters can function as their own min-party due to them having a pet. The Hunter can send their pets to attack single or duo enemies while they attack from afar. This is particularly favorable in the game as being able to dish out damage from a distance and not taking any damage can give you a major advantage.


Having a pet also means that you can send the pet to distract enemies and give yourself some valuable time to escape. This can make the process of progressing through the game much easier and can also reduce how many times you die.




Paladins are not the best choice for being a tank, as warriors tend to be better at this. Paladins do offer you safe and steady leveling, though. Their survivability is one of the best in the game, though this does come at the cost of attack speed. They have high defensive bonuses and the ability to heal themselves. Due to this, they can often survive encounters with enemies that are a level or two higher than them.


Using a paladin is a great way for a beginner to train to become a tank player. This class lets you become familiar with the mechanics of a tank-style of play.




This is by no means an easy class to use and requires a good understanding of the game and its mechanics. The priest is, however, the best class for healing. The priest allows you to perform healing without having to worry about too many other factors.


Priests are generally easy to level up compared to other mages and also have high survivability. This means that they can take a decent amount of damage. The priests can also dish out some nasty damage over time spells to complement their regular damage. Using a priest is great for both solo and group play.


The Bottom Line


No matter how you choose to play the game, these are some of the easiest classes for beginners. Using any of these classes ensures that you get the maximum enjoyment from the game as a beginner.