The Perfect Start for Newbie Gamers: DOTA 2

Hundreds of gamers are always in front of their computers, PlayStation or Xbox playing for longer hours. Receiving rewards, achieving milestones, and increasing their ranks is some of the bliss of being a veteran player in the online world.

But there are also newbie gamers who do not know what games to play, not being able to be in the trend. Well if you decided to be in the limelight and follow the trend, there is one game that you can play as a newbie gamer.

The game that I am talking about is DOTA 2 or Defense of the Ancients is an online multiplayer played by millions of people regardless of age and sex. Even children play this game because of it’s easy to use control and quality gameplay that everyone can enjoy.

The DOTA 2 is a sequel of Defense of the Ancients I. The difference between them is that DOTA I can be played offline limiting your player interaction, while the DOTA 2 has been upgraded into an online battle game where a more extensive scale of gamers can be your enemies.

This is a strategic game where you, as a newbie player, can start playing. The objective of this game is to destroy the structure from the enemy base called “Ancient.” Don’t be focused on destroying their ancient though as your team also have this structure in your base. Thus, the offense and the defense concept.

Also, a great starter to meet new people in the online community because of the popularity of this game from around the world. So, there are chances that you will be meeting tons of people in the DOTA community.

The gameplay of DOTA can be simplified into this concept, “Destroy the enemy’s Ancient while defending yours” easy. But how do you destroy their structures? To answer that question, you will be using an avatar.

This avatar is addressed as “Heroes.” These are the characters that you are going to use to destroy the ancient and win the game. These heroes are equipped with their skills, strengths, and weaknesses.  You can even develop them into a stronger form by buying specified items that match the hero that you are using.

Heroes have basic attack mode and have these four abilities, which are called the skills. Each hero has their own unique skills.

This is a game that contains ten players, each team has five members and the opportunity to select their own hero, and once a hero is chosen, you cannot select that hero again. Once you have selected your hero, you will now battle it out in the field.

You will be starting with your hero in level 1. Your hero would gradually increase its level once they get experience from fighting enemies. The enemies that I’m talking about are the creeps and opposing heroes. Once you kill the creeps and the enemy heroes, you can gain experience to level up and money to buy the items to strengthen your hero.

The map of DOTA 2 contains three lanes and in those three lanes are towers. The towers are a structure that is built for defense and can even kill your hero if you are still at the lowest level. And between the lanes is the jungle. Located in the jungle are different neutral creeps that you can also kill to gain money and experience to level up your hero.

Advance the three lanes for a sure win, kill the minions, destroy the towers and slay the enemy heroes to destroy the nexus. Of course, you must think strategically to win the game. Easy right? With the use of our mouse and keyboard, you can easily control your hero.

This is surely a great starter for newbie gamers because of the thrill that it brings compared to other online multiplayer games. Play this game newbie and enjoy the bliss of winning in DOTA 2!