The Basics of League of Legends

All of us want this popular game today called the League of Legends. But how do you play such a game? Some people think of League of legends as a complex game that only chosen people can play. Well, that’s where you’re wrong, even your dad can play this game. What will you do?

Read this guide and learn all the basics of League of legends. This guide will be helping you on the things to do with this game, so hang tight and read till the end, surely after this, you will find yourself ever as an amateur in the world of League of Legends (LOL)

Let us start by familiarizing yourself with the game using this question, “What is League of Legends?” League of Legends is an online multiplayer game filled with battles and champions. The standard game consists of ten players, each team having 5 members using their selected champions.

This game aims to destroy the nexus of the opposing team, but there are obstacles that you must overcome first, such as turrets, minions, and opposing champions.

The next thing to talk about is “champions.” Champion refers to the avatar that you are using inside the game. Each champion equipped with their unique skills. The game will begin when the players have selected their champion to use.

These champions have so-called basic attacks and abilities or skills. The basic attack can be automatically triggered, but the abilities or skills are cast using the keys Q. W. E and R on your keyboard. Some spells can help the champion. These spells are called summoner spells.

Summoners spells are additional skills for the champion, and there are varieties of spells that you can choose from to suit your preferred battles style. These spells are namely: heal, ghost, barrier, exhaust, flash, teleport, smite, cleanse, and ignite. Each is having its unique effects and specified cooldowns.

But the spells or skills are not the only ones that you have to harness in your champions. You also must buy them the suitable items that they need. Items may vary to the type of champion that you are using (will be discussed in the latter part).

These items will help your champion to develop into a stronger being that can dominate other champions. There are different items in the shop that you can discover according to your champions.

Now let’s go to the different roles of the champions. Champions are created with different roles, and these roles are tank, assassin, marksman, fighter, mage, and support.

•    Tank – These are champions that serve as the shield of the team. They absorb the damages for the betterment of the team. Tanks usually have good crowd-control skills to revert the attacks to them.

•    Marksman – Champions that deals physical damage to opposing champions using long-range. Experts in destroying turrets due to their range.

•    Assassin – Champions that have great mobility and skills. They deal damages, and they usually kill the opposing teams, marksman, and mage due to their weak defense.

•    Mage – Champions that deal with significant magic damage to the rival champions. They have skills that pack a punch that can hit a single champion or multiple champions.

•    Fighter – Champions that can also deal with considerable damages. Can help the tank deal with other champions. Fighters can be considered as semi-tank due to their moderate survivability rate. Fighters are usually meleed or short-ranged champions.

•    Support – Champions that can aid their ally through healing, buffing, and debuffing the enemy champion (depending on the skills).

You can develop the skills and the champions by increasing their level and buying the specified item that is suitable for their role. You can improve their experience by killing minions, opposing champions, and jungle monsters.

Not only that you will be getting the experience, but you will also gain money that you can use to buy items later to strengthen your champion. When the level of the champion increases the level of their skill also increases.

When a skill increases, its capability also increases, making it more effective in battle. For example, if the skill deals damage, its damage would increase if it levels up until it reaches its maximum level. Supplemented with an item and it can deal more significant damages than the normal.

These are some of the basics that you must know in the world of League of legends. Follow these basics and play the game till you drop!