Rocket League Ranking System

Everyone loves aerial car football, and Rocket League stands out from the competition. With its mixture of coordination, teamwork, and driving skills, eSports enthusiasts would have an intense and fun experience.

Packed with unique features, Rocket League gets a massive following, and the number is expected to grow in the coming years. Do the pro players play the Rocket League competitively? Of course, not. Thanks to its ranking system as it allows everyone to grow. How many ranks are there? How does the Rocket League ranking system work?

In this guide, we answer some of these questions.

What are the Rocket League Ranks?

Well, the rocket league ranks come in a great number. As a new player, you will start with the Unranked. Once you’re done, you can unlock the Bronze 1. Other rocket league ranks consist of bronze II, bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III, Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III, Champion I, Champion II, Champion III, and Grand Champion.

Rocket League Mark: A Brief Overview

An MMR is simply a hidden score that identifies your rank. At first, it’s quite confusing to handle. The good news is that there are reliable resources to see both of your scores and skill rating. The online and offline information also gives an accurate breakdown of the score you need to achieve to move into the next rank.

How does the RL Ranking System Work?
Yes, the Rocket League can be overwhelming. To get started, play at least ten placement matches against players of different ranks. Depending on the result, it will help you have a good starting rank.

From there, you can compete with the Rocket League enthusiasts of the same level. Every win allows you to move to the next step. Every loss, on the other hand, can affect your standing.

What are the Season Rewards?

Players are given with cosmetic items and titles depending on their rank. In the previous season, they received animated decals that differed in design.

For grand champion-ranked players, they were given the Season 12 Grand Champion. The title, however, differs depending on your current game mode.

Does Rocket League Include Playlists?

Of course, Rocket League includes different playlists such as Solo Duel, Doubles, Standard, Solo Standard, Dropshot, Snow Day, Rumble, and Hoops.

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