Who Are the Best Counter Strike: Go Offensive Teams?

The CS:GO is one of the most unpredictable scenes in eSports. Teams are free to attend countless events. Players or rosters can be picked up or even dropped. CS:GO teams can also hit large strides, and this inconsistency resulted in the development of Intel Grand Slam with a total of $1,000,000 prize. Every team has a chance to win. They will be qualified when they win a local tournament or make an appearance with the CS:GO legends.

For CS:GO, 2019 was a turbulent year. A number of teams have had showcased their skills. Apart from CS:GO legends, there were new faces who rose to fame. With the variety of competitive teams, it’s quite hard to track the favorites. Still, there have been teams who stood out.

Who is the Best Performer in 2019?

The best team in 2019 is Astralis, as they won one of the biggest tournaments of the year, the IEM Katowice Major. The Danish squad, however, didn’t win a top tier event from March to August. Team Liquid took their place. They won all single S-Tier events they attended. After winning ESL One Cologne, the team got the Intel Grand Slam. But they fell short for the rest of 2019. The Evil Geniuses squad rose to fame.

During the long months of Autumn, Maikil Golden Selim of Fnatic and Peter Stanislaw Jarguz of EG led their teams to bring home the bacon. Fnatci bagged DreamHack Malmo while EG won at IEM New York and I-League.

At the end of the year, Astralis brought back the number one stop. They won the BLAST Global Finals and the IEM Beijing.

Who is the Best Team of All Time?

Astralis is the best CS:GO team of all time so far. Since 2016, the Danish core has remained competitive in the field of eSports. Their fanbase doubled after winning at ELEAGUE Atlanta.

In the early part of 2018, they replaced Markus Kjaerbye. For almost 5 years in Counter Strike: Go Offensive, the team had the most Major wins. More than that, they have earned a total of  $8,000,000.

What makes the Danish core different from others is that they play with an unreplicable style. They are also capable of pushing the usage of utility grenades to the limit.

Despite the tragic defeats and hard losses, Astralis bounces back, making them the greatest team of all time.