How to Play Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is an online game that was developed way back in 1999. But each week, there are lots of players who switch to play the Counter-Strike Global Offensive servers. And reading this article will help you to enjoy playing the game quickly. It also has a competitive environment that you can play from the very beginning. The most vital aspect that you should know in playing the Counter-Strike online game is to enjoy it – whether you play it to laugh or to be more competitive. And I am going to tell you that this article is written not only for professionals but for starters as well. This article is composed of the same basic principles that you can play at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series.

Counter-Strike is a daunting online game if you are just a starter. You play the game with the other members that are knowledgeable enough about the different names of nifty little hidey-hole that you never know from the beginning. Your co-players can get at the bombing area within ten seconds or less. But you usually lose your life in just an air duct and getting at the other areas that you will find more than five opponents.


The first thing that you should understand in terms of playing Counter-Strike is quite easy. But your intuition is very important when you didn’t experience playing CS games. A comfortable shooting position that you can do is to maintain your purse at the height of your head. But, maintaining a good posture is very necessary when you start to shoot for you to shot accurately. You must need not to do the “run-and-gun-like” playing similar to “Call of Duty” online game. Over time, your shooting skills will get improved, and you will begin to have the hand of shooting, stopping, and strafing. You can do this step quicker as time passes by.

Map Control

Some participants of Counter-Strike are afraid to give up their position to their opponents. If you are also afraid to sacrifice your position, don’t be. It is because there is a perfect time for you when to go aggressive, pre-shoot, stay sneaky, and more that will give you more experiences.

Map control is one of the most important factors that must have in playing the Counter-Strike game. If you are a player who knows several styles of playing, you will also have several ways to keep or get your area under your control. In terms of techniques, if your map is under your control, and is knowledgeable about the techniques of your opponents, then   throws some grenades.

Guns and Economy

It is very unnoticeable for players to see the importance of economy in playing Counter-Strike. You can manage your economy properly if you and your team have a good communication.

In terms of competitive mode, you are required to purchase Kevlar. You can purchase a helmet and armor for only 1000 US Dollars. Both the AL-47 and M4 are the default weapons that you can purchase for T and CT sides. Both of these are versatile, cost-effective, and powerful weapons. You are required to understand the usage of these two different guns before you purchase them. You can use AK-47 in killing your opponents with a helmet and a headshot. While the M4 can kill opponents with helmets using two headshots.