How to Have Card Advantage in Playing Hearthstone

Card advantage is the very crucial factors that you need to know and understand in playing Hearthstone. It also has a relationship to the notion of getting plenty of cards compared to what your opposing team had, while you have somewhat a steady presence to the board. Weighing the cards you have in your hands, and comparing it with the circumstances of your enemies, is one of the necessary parts that you can do to accumulate techniques about when to play and trade minions aggressively.

The following are some of the tips that can help you to understand further the Hearthstone mechanic importance. they can also make you think in the different techniques that will help you to take advantage of the current board. You will also be aware of the possible lies that can happen in the future.

Step #1

If you are the one who designs your desired deck, it is advised that you should include drawing several cards through minions or spells. Almost all of the decks have a lesser number of late-game minions compared to the early-game creatures. As the gaming session goes on, you will notice that you are throwing the different deck of minions to the board. If you can’t help to refill your hands beyond the deck, you can instantly have the chance to turn. Thus, you will be more protected from the snowballing threat, or board wipes accumulated by your opposing team.

Step #2

Aggressive decks will require you to throw more cards compared to Control and Midrange archetypes. With your agro deck, your hands will become empty quicker and came to be more susceptible to clearings of the board. If you have difficulties in keeping your opposing teams lower than you, check your Neutral cards and Hero-specific for you to search for the beefing techniques of the flow of your minion.

If you will use spells as your technique to receiving plenty of card advantage in playing the Hearthstone, ensure that they are representing decent values. Sprint can be a solid hand-filler when you mix it with preparation, while the Mind Vision will use a single card to receive another. Yes, it will give you more powerful cards that you can play, but you can’t receive a card advantage. Also, take note that when you play Hearthstone with your card-drawing spells-later in your gaming session will always be the best scenario that you can use to contend on the board.


Your dream phenomena for receiving card advantage by using the well-organized minion play are to look for the ways for your teammates defeat more or less two opponents. Take a look for the possible effects that can happen to you and your opponents. Look at the things that might occur when you use the minions you have played to the board. And also, try to search for the methods that will increase the efficiency of your trading. Shattered Sun Cleric and other similar cards will also enable your weaker minion to have a kick on its vanilla weight to take plenty of opposing minions.