How to Determine Your Winning Conditions in LoL in Four Easy Steps

When it comes to League of Legends (LoL), it is far different from some PvP game cards, including Shadowverse, Hearthstone, and Magic the Gathering. PvP and LoL games have similar features, including the factors that are under of your control and the ones that contain the uncertainty element that you have little to no chance to change.

For instance, you must have the control to the entire cards you have been placed on your deck before looking for an opponent and start the game. You will have a clue in every card that was open and try to improve the quality of your cards for your expected decks. But if you can “go-with-the-flow” on the game between you and your opponent, everything is not impossible to happen.

In terms of playing League of Legends, your “deck” will have similar features as you have in picking your prune pages, champion pool, and primary role. In terms of Champ Select, despite reaching the pool banned or the auto-filled, you will have a high chance to win the match. On the other hand, despite creating requests or suggestions, the decks that your co-players pick were not under your control.

What is Win Conditions?

The win condition signifies the goals or professional goals that you tend to reach since they characterize the ideal way of reaching the championship. It can also be your guide through the entire method. Over time, your win condition can also change. Consider your win condition as your Plan #1, which can give you the chance to accumulate Plan #2 and #3, and more.

1. Know Your Role

Knowing and understanding your role is considered as one of the most vital steps that you can do for you to determine your win condition since it is the number one factor that is under your control. Before you start playing the game, you have the freedom to choose your desired roles. When it comes to the occasional autofill, you will have the potential to know what type of game you would love to play.

2. Determine Your Champion

Even though knowing your role is one of the steps that will help you to distinguish your win condition, at the end of the day, determining your champion will be the one to define the things you will do. You can evaluate your champion by studying and comparing the abilities and statistics of different champions in the game.

3. Know Your Team

When it comes in Hearthstone, you can pick a total of thirty cards to accumulate your ranked ladder deck. Well, in terms of League of Legends, you have the control of the 6 different cards because you are included in a group that is composed of 5 players.

4. Determine the Game State

Your team, champion, and role win conditions are all determined before the start of the game. But it is imperative to determine the state of the game. You can determine your game state with different factors, including item and gold differential, objective control, and tea, scaling.