Get to Know the Best Hearthstone Classes!

You want to ensure you’re getting the most of all your games as possible. And, this also means choosing the perfect class in Hearthstone. How to start? Here, we’ve listed ten of the best choices you can use now!

In Hearthstone, class merely determines the abilities and powers of a hero. It is also the most influential factor in deck selection. Every hero signifies a unique character with its portrait, sound, and personality. Although, their class identifies their Hero Power.

Without further ado, below is a list of the most commonly used classes you can also consider using in your next Hearthstone match.

1.    Druid

This remains to be Hearthstone’s strongest classes. It heavily depends on the pools of woodland creature and magic of massive, wild beasts. The toolbox enables you to swivel from defense to aggression. It is known for having some of the largest class minions including Ancient of War and Ironbark Protector.

2.    Hunter

Here, Beast type minions are favored with several unique beasts accessible. There are also many cards like Houndmaster and Starving Buzzard. He uses his ferocity, wit, and hordes of beasts that fight with them to beat the opponent.

3.    Priest

For defeating enemies, Priest balances shadow magic and holy light. It relies on powerful spells to control the result of a battle.

4.    Paladin

A well-rounded Hearthstone class, Paladin focuses on minions and restricting the ability of your enemy to use their own. Paladins support their minions through healing, divine shields, and buffs. Victory is likely to achieve through persistence and strength.

5.    Rouge

Being able to hide in the shadows gives Rouge a perfect chance to strike. Nimble and sneaky. It has the distinctive capacity to draw, build, and loot cards to generate and perform on a lot of synergies.

6.    Mage

Masters of fire, frost, and arcane. Mages boast various skills such as a strong spell-synergy, halt the noxious spell or foe in the tracks, perform various magical secrets to readdress opponent effects, defend themselves from potential damage, and more.

7.    Warrior

When it comes to the battlefield, Warrior classes performs amazingly. They integrate weapons, minions, and armor to destroy the enemies. Taunt, and Rush are employed by the minions to control the combat flow.

8.    Shaman

Shaman is known as the master of the elements. Sure, it is not capable of producing resources as fast as a Mage, but it can overload its Mana Crystals through lightning. 

9.    Warlock

When you are talking about overwhelming opponents, Warlocks are very much willing to sacrifice their cards, minions, and life. It has the intrinsic ability to draw cards for the goal of keeping the power thriving.

10.    Death Knight

This one is a special Hearthstone class with no associated collectible cards, Hero Powers, or heroes. Arfus and The Lich King rather produce death Knight cards. Its abilities are believed to be far more powerful than other classes.

Every Hearthstone class is inimitable. Most have their individual mechanics, like Rogue’s Combo or Shaman’s Overload. Some have a flavor of their own such as Paladin and his minion buffs or Hunter and his beasts.