COD Mobile - What Is TDM?

At launch, COD (Call of Duty) mobile has five active game modes available for you to play.

They are


  • Domination

· Deathmatch

· Frontline

· Hardpoint

  • And the focus of this article, team deathmatch.


What Is TDM?


TDM is the shortened name for “team deathmatch.” Team deathmatch is a beloved classic game-mode for the Call of Duty series. You and five other players are pitted against one another on one of the game’s sprawling maps.


Your team’s objective is simple: Kill the enemy faster than they kill you.


The score cap is 75, so it’s a race to see which team can get 75 kills first within the time limit. If the timer runs out, the team with the most kills wins.


How Do I Get Good At TDM?


In TDM your kill/death ratio is the name of the game. This makes it perfect for all of you who focus on the kills and not the objectives. It’s a less tactical focused game-mode than domination or search and destroy (which doesn’t feature yet), making it the best mode to jump into for some quick fun.


Understanding Map Spawns is Vital to Success in TDM


Spawns are the areas of the map where the enemy pops up or respawns after they die.


Where you and your teammates are on the map has a direct impact on these spawns. Being in certain spots stops enemies from spawning there (called spawn blocking). You can also force your enemies to spawn where you want with a bit of positioning.


Learning spawns is best done through trial and error. The more you play the more you can learn how they work. You can also watch videos on them if you want.


Reading the Minimap is a Mandatory Skill


This is not just for TDM, but for all non-hardcore game modes, in all first-person shooter games.


Being able to read the minimap allows you to see where your teammates are positioned, without needing to talk to them. So if you’re team doesn’t have headsets you won’t be completely lost.


By knowing where your teammates are you can know what lanes (critical routes through the map) need to be watched, and which are covered. You also know where you can be shot from, where the enemies can and are spawning, and where you need to be looking.


TDM (team deathmatch) is a fan favorite of COD fans, and if you are new to COD mobile it is recommended that you start off with this game-mode.