How Boosting Can Benefit You in Overwatch

Boosting is a phrase used in Esports to describe a specific service offered by a variety of companies online.


It is controversial and is even banned in a lot of game's terms of service. However, it can be massively beneficial to you.


Now it isn't for everybody, some people may not be able to afford the service, others disagree with the morals of it, but regardless everybody has something to gain by having their account boosted.


Now, what actually is boosting?


What is Boosting?


Boosting is when a player plays on an account that they do not own with the intention of ranking up said account. Often offered as a service in exchange for cash.


So why would you pay someone to play on your account? Well, boosters are often incredibly skilled players, boasting massive personal win / loss records and ranks. So they bring that level of skill to your account and can often boost you to a rank that is higher than what you could achieve on your own.


The beauty of these services is that they are fully customizable. You can pick just what rank you want your account boosted to, so as to make sure you don't get pushed too far out of your comfort zone.


This transforms boosting as simple a way to have a high ranked account, to a method for players to save massive amounts of time.


If you study, work, or are otherwise often indisposed, then you know the difficulty of trying to maintain a competitively ranked account while juggling other responsibilities. Boosting allows you to forgo all that.


You can purchase boosting to get to where you usually would be ranked anyways, so you can come straight home and jump right into competitive, rather than slogging your way through the noob ranks.


It can also offer lower level players a chance to earn some of the high end of season rewards that would otherwise be locked away from them.


These players need to be careful not to boost their account too high and then start playing, though. As if they have a top-ranked account, and don't have the skill to account for that, then their rank, win / loss ratio, kill / death ratio, and moral deplete.


Boosting can also offer you a way to play Overwatch with some of your veteran friends. You are unable to play with teammates that are too high above your rank. This means that new players are unable to play with the friends that may have gotten them into the game, to begin with.


Boosting gives players a way around this, allowing them to push their accounts just within reach of each other.


Hopefully, this has given you a look at some of the things you stand to gain by having your account boosted. While it might be a controversial service, there is no doubting its usefulness.


You can purchase boosting services from various places, and most use the same pricing structure. Just make sure you don't go too high with the rank you are buying, and you should be good to go!