Boosting XP on Fortnite Battle Royale

Gaining XP in Battle Pass works differently than you’ll have it in the Season Level. Take note that Battle Pass is a progression in for the Battle Pass itself.  XP, or experience points, plays a significant role in the Fortnite game. Through it, players will know how well they performed and it helps them go higher in the ranking. In addition, it gives you a reason to strive to level up and gain amazing rewards. One good thing of looking after your performance is the exciting rewards of as much as 1,000 XP. However, you will only gain it when you reach the Tiers 30, 45, 53, 61, and 70.

Also, don’t forget that XP Boosts is also crucial in the gameplay. You have different ways to get it and in return, will reward you with various bonuses like experience boost modifiers. Purchasing a premium Battle Pass will entitle you step up on Tier 1, and at the same time, reward you with Combo XP Boost.

Personal XP Boosts and Friend XP Boosts are also available throughout the Battle Pass season. The latter works when you queued up with friends either on Duos or Squads. You can benefit from it when they earned a Friend XP Boost which you can use to increase your own XP.

Unlocking the premium Battle Pass does not mean that you will automatically earn an XP. Keep in mind that you still need to complete the Weekly Challenges that will be provided every week. Aside from giving you Battle Stars, you will also be rewarded a hefty amount of XP. Daily Challenges are also available which will also give you a decent amount of XP and Battle Stars. Completing both Weekly and Daily Challenges will incur you both mentioned rewards.

You will also receive Battle Stars on free and premium challenges that exist randomly. You will earn between 5,000 to 10,000 XP whenever you complete the challenges in a week. That also depends on the level you have reached. But, you should expect that the farther you go, the higher is the XP that you will gain as well.

So, there you go! Keep in mind of these simple strategies while you are exploring the world of Fortnite gameplay. Earning rewards is not just simply playing for you to increase its amount. It’s a matter of understanding the basic things and turnarounds so you won’t get confused when it’s time for you to get into the battle!