The Importance of Ranking Your Stats in Fortnite

It has been a long debate if Fortnite should build a ranking system or not. For many, it won’t work. but for those who aim to enhance their skill level, performance, and motivation, they believe that there should be one to compare each player. These aspects mentioned may be just too small to consider, but all of them have a great impact on the individuality of the gamer. A ranking system does not only provide you insights about your recent stats, but it also helps you a lot of ways. It is not just a request of a few, but many gamers have been longing for it, too! Here, we are going to reveal the goal of scoring system and the things it can contribute to each player. The primary use of Fortnite’s ranking system is to help players set a constant goal that they should reach during the gameplay. By seeing the structure of the ranked ladder, you will know which area of your skill needs improvement. In that way, you can make some adjustments by boosting your skills and focusing on the parts that are lacking your attention. Of course, you don’t play not only to win. But it gives you a sense of accomplishment if whenever you are able to reach your aim. Isn't it great when others praise you because you are on the top level? And that, of course, encourages you to maintain your spot. Being on the top level is a big challenge! Why? Because no player with pride wants others to take his spot, right? To make it happen, you have to either maintain or boost your performance. When everybody sees you on the first spot, that gives them an idea that you are the best player. And every gamer wants to be recognized as the best! It means victory, and that fact alone is already a rewarding experience! By monitoring the ranking system, you will also get challenged to earn the higher spot. Other players who are under you would also feel the same way. We are all aware that a gameplay is boring if there is no challenge. So, for you to feel a heart-pumping adventure, let that scoring system motivate you to do better each time you participate in the gameplay. If ever you will be asked to bring the rankings in Fortnite, could you suggest how it should look like?