Top 5 Call of Duty Players of All Time

Call of Duty has been around since 2003. Originally set in World War II, today’s COD has a game set in modern times. For many years now, it has attracted the best players from different corners of the world. in this article, we present the top 5 COD players of all time.

Ian Crimsix Porter - For decades, Karma had been the number one COD player. But things have changed today. Ian Crimsix Porter is the only man that could replace Karma. As a player, he won approximately 31 major championships. He was a two-time world champion and served as a vital member of the compLexity dynasty. With his talent and achievement in the field, he is now dubbed as the greatest player of COD.

Damon Karma Barlow - Popular as the GOAT, Damon Karma Barlow is the only three-time World Champion in COD. He was a member of the OpTic Gaming team during the World War II season. After a few years, he lost his place. Then, he was recruited as a member of the Black Ops 4.

Seth Scump Abner - Abner is the third greatest COD player. But in terms of popularity, he’s first on the list. More than the skills, he has a vibrant personality, catching the attention of his millions of subscribers on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. As a World Champion, Seth Scrump Abner has won the second-highest amount of championships behind Ian Crimsix Porter. He is also known for his raw gunskill.

Jordan Jkap Kaplan - Another amazing COD player is Jordan Jkap Kaplan. For the last five years, he has won Champs twice. During the Ghosts, he wasn’t able to be in the Grand Finals. He only landed in sixth place. During World War II, he got the 5th spot. Currently, Jkap is a member of eUnited.

Matthew Formal Piper - Matthew has been one of Slasher’s challengers for the best AR in recent years. He served as a Halo pro in Ghosts. After that, he became a member of the OpTic Gaming. With his achievement and involvement under the team, he is surely one of the greatest COD players.

Other famous personalities include Patrick Aches Price, James Clayster Eubanks, Austin Slasher Liddicoat, Bryan Apathy Zhelyazkov, Jonathan John Perez, Nadeshot, and more.

In order to succeed as a COD player, dedication and practice can be crucial.