The 3 Best Game Mode You Should Know in Counter Strike!

The Three (3) Best Game Mode You Should Know in Counter Strike!


In this mode, you will be brought into a competitive level, whereas you may rank up or rank down.  You must achieve the ten wins first before you called ranked in this mode. But before this task, the game has given the player a temporary cool down after 21 hours. The format is like first to sixteen out of the thirty rounds (16/30). The lowest rank in Silver I is the highest rank in the Global Elite.


In this mode, you will be competing against each other in a bomb to defusal game. You will be guided that if the time is running out prior to planting, the bomb will automatically be defused, or the enemies or terrorists will die before the bomb was planted. And the bomb immediately blew up prior to the running out of time, and the terrorist will win.


In Hostage Rescue Mode, you will go to rescue as to what others do like the mission. If hostages will be harmed and you will get afflicted the money will decrease. Counter Strike has introduced an ability to bring or carry out the hostages while older titles will follow player. Once you get your hostage, you will receive another additional time round. But when the hostages have been rescued, before the out of time, the Counter Strike Terrorist wins, and when the counter-terrorist has died you will be won.


This mode is a kind of fast-paced battle of royal mode. Where you can enter a match with up to 18 total players for every squad and 16 for solo games. Under this Mode, it consists of two (2) official maps, the Blacksite and Sirocco. Every 30 minutes, these maps rotate to help you that one is not underplayed. It has the same mechanics when it comes to gun. However, the health of your character will be boosted to 120, and you’ll start at fists and a tablet. The tablet will give you a chance to purchase any supplies and are delivered by using money located on the map. By this, you will be granted to see general location of each and every single player. All scattered in the map are considered as types of crates which can provide you money, soldier, and weapons. This mode has been added last 6th Day of December year 2018.