What Can We Expect from the Vitality Superteam in LEC?

The Vitality Superteam is a prominent figure in the League of Legends European Tournament, and rightfully so. If you want to know more about what we can expect from the team in the LEC (League of Legends Europeans Championships), keep reading to learn more.


Vitality had a tough year last year, but since then, it has created a team that seems unmatched in player consistency. 


Before we start, let's delve a little deeper into the team and find how their current roster came to be. Without further ado, let us begin this piece. 


The New Vitality Superteam


The summer split playoffs resulted in a tense elimination series during the 2021 League of Legends European Championship. Vitality pushed Fnatic to the fifth game with their LEC playoffs lives on the line. 


Unfortunately, due to their scrappy playstyle, Vitality was put on their back foot early by Fnatic. The off-season started early for Vitality when they only got sixth place.


That was when they knew that change was imminent, and by December 2021, the team had found their champions for the coming season within only four months.


Some of the greatest players in Europe have been recently added to the Vitality Superteam, which was dubbed the LEC's new "superteam" by the community. 


Vitality Superteam Goals For 2022


The goal of Vitality is the create a title contender in every game. League of Legends is more about convincing proven winners than the team. It's about showing players that they are joining a proper organization that is fit to be their new digital home. 


Due to the poor results of Vitality in the last two years, it is tough for them to prove their reputation. Most League of Legends players does not follow games unless top teams play. 


Sometimes you need to pay more to create these shortcuts when you don't have good results and are not in an attractive place, said the team's captain. 


With the new team in place, the group plans to take over the Esport world and are pushing for wins in an extensive range of games. 


Handling the Doubters and Criticism


People have been calling the new signings a swing for the fences, but the ambition of Vitality is not hidden. The French organization describes its team as featuring the best EU players and the most extensive LEC roster the world has ever seen. 


Vitality has experienced some blowback, with people saying they have oversold an unproven team. Most critics point to the underwhelming year that Alpari and Perkz had in North America.


The team says they prefer plenty of ambition instead of acting that they are not here to win. Neo, a professional League of Legends team player, claims that he does not want to be a hypocrite and proclaims that he is here to win. 


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