Understanding Dota 2 Positions

Understanding the position system is essential to succeeding in Dota 2 battles since the game has intricate mechanics and strategies. There are five different roles in Dota 2, numbered from position 1 to position 5. The duties that each position plays, the heroes that fulfill those roles, and how important each position is to winning a match are all covered in this article.

1st Position:

The hero who scales well in the late game is in Position 1, sometimes referred to as the "hard carry," and provides the most damage. They are in charge of farming creeps and gathering equipment to boost their damage output. The position 1 hero is often assigned to the safe lane in a game so they may farm unhindered by hostile heroes.

The heroes Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, and Spectre are some of the most well-liked choices for position 1. These heroes are excellent farmers and possess skills that make them tough in the late game.

Location 2:

The "mid laner," or position 2, is the hero who controls the middle lane and ensures the team's early-game advantage. They possess powerful skills that enable them to command the battlefield and gank rival heroes. Often, the position 2 hero is in charge of clearing land so that the position 1 hero can cultivate.

Invoker, Templar Assassin, and Storm Spirit are some of the well-liked heroes in the position 2 slot. These characters can do a lot of damage and have a wide range of skills.

Setting 3:

The "offlaner," or position three, is the hero who chooses the difficult path and seeks to sabotage the farm of the other side. They are capable of starting team battles and possess skills that let them to survive in a 1v2 or 1v3 lane. The team's mid-game advantage must be secured by the position 3 hero, who is tasked with making room for the position 2 hero.

Axe, Tidehunter, and Centaur Warrunner are some of the well-liked heroes in the position 3 slot. These heroes are adept at initiating combat and can take a beating for their group.

4th Place:

Position 4 heroes, commonly referred to as "roaming support," wander across the map in an effort to open up possibilities for their team to score kills. They are equipped with skills that let them launch ganks and take out opponent heroes. The team's early-game advantage must be maintained, and space must be made for the position 1 hero to farm, by the position 4 hero.

Earthshaker, Tusk, and Mirana are three heroes who are frequently used in the position 4 role. These heroes are adept at managing large crowds and may help their team score by setting up kills.

5th Place:

The hero in Position 5, sometimes referred to as the "hard support," makes sure that the squad has enough resources to succeed. In order to keep their squad alive during team battles, they purchase support equipment like wards and courier. The team's early-game advantage must be preserved, and the position 5 hero must make sure the position 1 hero has adequate room to farm.

Crystal Maiden, Warlock, and Dazzle are three characters who are frequently used in position 5. These heroes have the power to heal and defend their crew.


To succeed in Dota 2 matches, you must comprehend the position system. Each hero has a special skill that may help the team succeed, and each position has a distinct job to play. In Dota 2, players may improve their odds of winning games by learning the position system and picking the correct heroes.

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