The Story of KennyS

Kenny Schrub, more famously known as KennyS, is one of G2 Esports’ former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. Not many people can have the claim to fame of being known as one of the top snipers in the game, let alone being called the best one as KennyS was in 2015.

Before the Fame

KennyS’ prowess started to show at a very young age, being introduced to Counter-Strike by his older brother at the tender age of 6 years old. Typically, the younger siblings struggle to find their footing, but this was not the case here.

By 8 years old, KennyS was already showing greater prowess than his siblings who had 10 years on him. After winning a tournament at only 11 years old with his brothers, they encouraged him to work on his passion of becoming a pro player, considering he had such a high skill level. Of course he didn’t become the player he is today overnight, it required a lot of practice and learning, you can aply the methods he used by hiring a CSGO coach to improve your skills much quicker than you’d otherwise be able to on your own.

Usually, at this point you'd say that the rest is history, but it's time to dive into some of the said history.

The Professional Path


Shrub would start with VeryGames in 2012, playing Counter-Strike: Source. It wasn't long before he was until GS:GO. Though the team managed to reach four finals in separate competitions, they were always the bridesmaid and never the bride, falling to Ninjas in Pyjamas on all four occasions.

It's no secret that his time at very games did not see much success, but that's not on him at all.

Eventually, Schrub was released from VeryGames, thanks to internal disputes. However, he would join Titan over a year later, a team that featured his old teammates via an acquisition. There was not much success to be found there.

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Team EnVyUs

This was undoubtedly where he started to shine, and his team improved within weeks of his transfer. The first taste of success came in 2015, when the unit took first place at that year’s Gamescom challenge, having placed above several stellar teams.

They tried to dominate again at ESL Cologne in the same way, but Fnatic would not allow it. Nevertheless, Team EnVyUs face their rivals again DreamHack Cluj Napoca, securing the win in a match before the finals, that they would eventually go on to capture. You can secure the win in your matchmaking games, by hiring a professional player to play alongside you!

The final was poetic almost, featuring a standoff with GuardiaN versus KennyS, both of whom were known as AWP masters. Of course, it was KennyS who won.

G2 Esports

In 2017, Schrub became a part of the G2 Esports roster, under the coaching of Edward Dubourdeaux. During this time, the team managed to secure the ESL Pro League Finals Season 5 and DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017. It's no surprise that KennyS was the MVP both times. Previously we have discussed the rumors about him leaving G2.

AWP Strats

If he was known for nothing else, it was his prowess with the AWP. For some, it's known as the magnum sniper, having its slow firing rate overcompensated by its movement speed and pinpoint accuracy.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Valve nerfed both these AWP strengths, and this severely affected players, such as KennyS, GuardiaN, JW, and others. The weapon is still pretty good, but it's no longer as prominent as it used to be.

Final Remarks

G2 Esports would eventually drop KennyS, leaving him out of action for some time. It's unknown whether he's going to try to make a comeback on the CS:GO scene, try his hand at another game, or leave competitive gaming behind overall. Read more about other legendary players in our article discussing the topic of who the best Fornite player would be.

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