How to Become Your Best at Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a game which for many, simple to play. However, you still need to show off your best if you want to be on top of the game. The rules can be conflicting if you are not aware how it works. Players still need to be consistent and ensure that their technique will kick the enemy out of the game.

Hearthstone begins with a coin toss. This match will determine which of the players should go first. The remaining players should then draw their starting hands; that is, three cards for someone who won in the coin toss, and four cards for the other players. It is crucial for you to ensure that you win the coin toss so that you will also go first. In this way, you will gain advantage by being the first to apply your strategies. The loser will get The Coin, which a special zero cost card which can increase the winner’s mana by one. The winner in the match can also mulligan many cards that he prefers from the starting hands.

Players should also choose one from the nine heroes. Take note that you should select your character brilliantly since each of them has special power. Also, they have special set of class cards that can help you all along. You can also try to defeat the heroes in the Practice Mode for you to unlock them.

One of the favorite heroes is Jaina Proudmoore. She can turn mana into a blast of fire and can increase your potential to win through her direct damage spells. Enemies should watch her out because she can hurt them most especially when the board clears such as Flamestrike and Arcane Explosion are activated. The mix of her Hero Power will equip you with deadly weapons.

It is critical to think of the capabilities of the heroes to ensure that you know how they can help you during the game. Being said, master their qualities before you play Hearthstone seriously. Every game needs strategy, and hearthstone is not an exception to that. Make sure that you combine both the power of your hero and your one-of-a-kind technique if you want to be the best player.

Remember that despite the special power of your heroes, you still need to learn to utilize them properly and apply effective strategies to secure your winning spot. That means that the powers of the heroes are useless when you can’t use them properly.