How Does Rank Distribution Work in League of Legends?

One of the main reasons for League of Legends’ success is its ranked system and competitive game modes. Although other games may also feature a competitive game mode, theirs haven’t had as much success as LoL’s.

Some users spend whole days playing to get to a higher rank and pay elo-boosters to get them to their desired rank division. However, you may not know how rank distribution works in LoL if you’ve never played the game.

Are you interested in playing League of Legends but don’t know how its rank system and distribution work? This is the page for you.

Dive into this page to learn more about the rank distribution in League of Legends! Here, you will know the different leagues and divisions you can aspire to get into in this game.

How Does the League of Legends Rank System Work?

Before getting into the rank distribution, you first need to know how the rank system works. On a basic basis, the only thing you need to do to go higher in the rank ladder is to keep playing and winning games. You receive League Points (LP) when you win and lose some when you lose.

The game has nine divisions for all its queues, and you may get promoted to a higher league or demoted to a lower one as you keep playing. Nonetheless, what makes this game mode so addictive is the experience of getting to higher-rank divisions.

When the rank season starts, you need to play 10 placement matches for the game to put you in one league. You’ll get to a specific league and division depending on your performance in those matches and your MMR.

What’s MMR, though?

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating, which is a hidden measure Riot uses to determine which rank is best for you. This matchmaking rating also determines the LPs you’ll get or lose per match.

If you, for example, have a decent MMR, you can win 25 LPs if you win the match and lose 10 if you lose it.

The thing about MMR is that, as we mentioned before, Riot doesn’t show your current MMR, and you have to guess/calculate it. Besides that, there’s no official way to improve it apart from winning games.

You need to get 100 LPs to climb up through the divisions of each league, and each league has four divisions. When you get to the first division and reach 100 LPs, you have to play five promotion matches. If you win three of them, you get promoted.

About Solo/Duo Queue

The solo/duo queue allows people to play alone or with another player. This is the rank distribution for the solo/duo queue:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

Clearing up a misconception about the rank distribution changes:

The skill distribution (MMR) remains completely the same.

This is purely a change to Visible Rank and how it behaves relative to your skill.

The goal distribution makes the player experience consistent at all…

— Sky (@ISkyI_TwitchTV) June 9, 2023

32% of players are in silver in the solo/duo queue, so it’s the league with the most players across all leagues. Naturally, the highest league in the game is the one with the least players in it. Only 0.0014% of players get to challenger each season.

You have a different MMR for all game modes and rank queues, so your MMR in solo/duo queue won’t affect the others.

About Flex Queue

Although most LoL players prefer playing on solo/duo queues, there’s a rank ladder for people who want to rank up as a team. The flex queue allows premade teams of up to 3+ players to play. Hence, you need at least two more people to play this game mode.

While it’s the same game, flex games are different from solo/duo ones since you can communicate better with your friends and plan strategies beforehand.


As you could see, League of Legends has a simple yet effective rank system that has kept players engaged for years. The only problem with it is how the game handles MMR. Some players even say it’s an unfair measure to use to determine how good they are as players.

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