Hitting S+ Rank in League of Legends

Online gamers who have been playing the League of Legends but having a hard time to hit the S+ should know the technique. It's a matter of right strategy and willingness to learn. No one wants to stay at the D rank, which means poor. Thankfully, Riot Games already have the Hextech Crafting system. It indicates whether you have a great performance which would also entitle you to get free skins.

If you aim the Champion Mastery system, you need to get an S rank to achieve the sixth or seventh level. Once you reach that level, you can now start to get as many S ranks as you can. It is also crucial to remember that you need to set an objective if you want to get a better rank. Meeting that objective will allow you to boost your performance and score an S rank.

It is also worth noting that the duration of time also affects your score in the game. That means that you will get a lesser KDA when the game lasts longer. Other factors that you should also consider are kill participation, gold, pentakills, and itemization.

Another technique that you couldn’t underestimate when eyeing for S rank is your role in the game. If you are positioned as a support but doesn’t have more CS, you will step up to S rank faster compared to someone who is in the mid-laner whose CS is 150. Take note that the supports are not good performers at farming for minions. Therefore, the system will base the scoring on their performance.

If you are a jungler, you should expect that it will be more difficult for you to score an S rank. Despite this fact, you still need to focus on kills and reach your in-game objectives. You shouldn’t neglect the need to clear the camps to get a score. It may be hard for you to score an S rank no matter the game lasts for 30 minutes. It is why it is always advisable to pick a better role at the beginning of the game.

Reaching an S rank in League of Legends doesn’t need to be complicated. Use these techniques to ensure that you’ll get a good standing among other LoL players in the Champion Mastery. You should learn how to implement these tips to make them effective and useful along the way.