Fortnite: Save the World

This game was developed and published by epic games. It was released last July 25, 2017 with a full free to play. Its retail version was published by Gearbox software.

This game is supported through microtransactions to purchase game currency, which can be used for upgrades. Fortnite: Save the World is a $40 free-to-play Fortnite expansion where you battle hordes of husks, to earn V-bucks to spend on Fortnite: Battle Royale skins.


Save the world has more things to unlock and most of it have a real impact on a battle field. As part of the strategic component you will be able to create your own team defenders, builders, and specialist that can either be passive to boost your team. You will gain access to the support characters as the mission is completed from a limited time missions you have participated.

Save the world is a game in which you have to fight with the environment. There are two abilities of trees to progress:

  • Skill Tree
  • Research Tree

At first, many of these options are locked up just like the other games you have play and play and make enough progress to unlock those options. It can be little hard just like a typical game you have spent much of your time to level up each component you build.


As make your way through the game you will be able to unlock new heroes from different classifications. Just like other games it won't really matter at first you play because everyone can participate and building your combat. Keep in mind to always consider the play that suits your class and style that will work best on your tactics.

1. Soldiers these are the characters that is main offensive that you will see in the battle royal. They have special skills that you can activate to help them perform their roles. These soldiers have their special powers to damage a large number of enemies.

2. Constructors designed for building the best fortifications and can design more powerful traps and more durable structures. They also have the ability to control a large number of enemies.

3. Ninjas is the class that can deal with the most powerful and damage all at once with the powerful enemies.

4. Outlanders are the allies that helps you gain loot and treasure and will keep you up of harvesting tools and objects that you can use in the battle field.